Minor League Minutes: 7/30/2021

Photo of Jackson Kowar: Minda Haas Kuhlmann (@minda33)

Happy Trade Deadline Day! Yes, the MLB trade deadline is a day early this year due to the 31st being on a Saturday. In case you missed it, the Royals got a head start on the action yesterday by dealing Danny Duffy to the Los Angeles Dodgers:

I love Danny Duffy, man. I’ve got his jersey hanging in my closet at the moment. I was at his debut in 2011. There’s no one that encapsulates the energy of what Dayton Moore wanted to build here in Kansas City better than Duffy. He and Salvy have been with this team since 2011 and it sucks to see one of them go. Yet, it makes a ton of sense for both sides. Duffy gets to go home to Southern California and pitch in the playoffs, something he didn’t get to do much of due to injury for Kansas City. Then, if fate would have it so, he can re sign with Kansas City this offseason. I imagine the Royals would love to get him back in their bullpen for what they expect to be a competitive 2022 season.

The Royals also decided to skip out on some fun, apparently:

I don’t have too strong of an opinion on this. I know some fans will overreact but Santana has been really good for Kansas City and an A-ball arm ain’t moving the needle for the playoff run in 2023 or beyond. Believe it or not, players can have value in their presence with the team, not just on the field. If the Royals turned down a legitimate arm ready to debut in the big leagues, I might feel differently. But based on what Boston sent to Washington for Kyle Schwarber, I really couldn’t care less if they want to hold onto Santana.

Thursday night highlight reel:

4 thoughts on “Minor League Minutes: 7/30/2021

  1. Let’s find a way to get Blanco to Omaha, and if he continues to hit, get him to KC in September. He is 28 years old, so there is a little urgency here (in addition to the fact that he is a true CF?).

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    • I do not believe the pitching quality is really any better at AAA anymore. Certainly hasn’t appeared to cause any readjustment for Pratto and BW Jr. Bring him straight up and skip Omaha- but I think Isbel gets the first crack at the CF job.

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  2. Yeah I’m fine with Santana staying as long as Soler goes and Santana doesn’t get in the way of Nick Pratto, especially in 22.

    Would not mind a bit if Michael A. Taylor get traded and Kyle Isbel or Blanco gets a shot either.

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