Minor League Minutes: 8/14/19

There may have been some miscommunication going on for the Royals during the trade deadline.

The way I understand it is that the Royals agreed to trade Ian Kennedy to Atlanta before the Braves ever acquired Mark Melancon. The Braves eventually ate all of Melancon’s contract but shipped off two lesser prospects in exchange. In order to acquire a player as good as Wentz, the Royals presumably had to have eaten some money on Kennedy’s contract, the question that remains is how much?

Prospect Watch: Vinnie Pasquantino

I can’t imagine that anyone saw this going much better for either Kansas City or Pasquantino. The Royals, when drafting Pasquantino, probably saw an emerging power lefty with well-above average plate discipline to fill a position of relative need on the farm. Pasquantino probably saw an opportunity to join the ranks of professional baseball with a team that needs a power bat at the position and an opportunity to prove himself after a rough 2018.

Over at Royals Review, Minda Haas Kuhlmann recaps this week in the minors.

Speaking of Kelvin Gutiérrez, he is hitting like mad these days with 14 hits in his six games this week. He is also on an 8-game hit streak during which he has compiled a .500/.553/.765 line.

One thought on “Minor League Minutes: 8/14/19

  1. I am disappointed but not surprised by the story on Kennedy and the Braves. For the future championship in KC, Joey Wentz would be more valuable to Royals than Kennedy will be. Wentz might flame out but for 1.5 years of service, it’s the kind of move the Royals should make. But they don’t because, ultimately, it’s about the money. So, KC spends money on retreads like Owing, Duda, Hamilton and Boxberger. Big obstacle for KC’s future success is the attitude of the FO and ownership.


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