MLB Pipeline releases new prospect lists: Royals have a new number 1

MLB Pipeline has released their updated top 100 prospects list, including the top 30 lists for each franchise and a top 10 list at each position. Here’s how some Royals prospects played out on the national scale:

Top 100

#67 Brady Singer, RHP

Here’s some of what MLB Pipeline had to say about Brady Singer:

Fastball: 60     Slider: 60     Changeup: 50     Control: 55     Overall: 55

“Singer throws two versions of a fastball, ranging from 91-96 mph with a two-seamer that sinks and a four-seamer that rides, and commands both well. When he stays on top of his slider, it gives him a second plus pitch, and he has tremendous feel for altering the depth and speed of his breaking ball. He didn’t use a changeup much in college but flashes the potential for a solid third offering.”

Top 10 Catchers

#9 MJ Melendez

Hit: 45     Power: 50     Run: 40     Arm: 60     Field: 60     Overall: 50

“Melendez has more athleticism than most catchers, and it’s obvious in all phases of his defensive game. He’s a quality receiver who moves quickly to block balls in the dirt, and his footwork enhances his plus arm. Because he grew up around the game, he’s a more advanced game-caller than most teenagers.”

Top 10 First Basemen

#7 Nick Pratto

Hit: 55     Power: 55     Run: 40     Arm: 55     Field: 60     Overall: 50

“Pratto is a better athlete than most first basemen. He’s a potential Gold Glover who moves well around the bag and has a stronger arm than most players at his position. On the mound, he was very similar to McKay at the same stage of their careers, displaying an upper-80s fastball, promising secondary pitches and advanced feel.”

Royals Top 30 Prospect List

  1. Brady Singer
  2. Khalil Lee
  3. Seuly Matias
  4. Jackson Kowar
  5. MJ Melendez
  6. Nick Pratto
  7. Nicky Lopez
  8. Daniel Lynch
  9. Kris Bubic
  10. Michael Gigliotti
  11. Josh Staumont
  12. Carlos Hernandez
  13. Richard Lovelady
  14. Kyle Isbel
  15. Blake Perkins
  16. Emmanuel Rivera
  17. Kelvin Gutierrez
  18. Austin Cox
  19. Daniel Tillo
  20. Trevor Oaks
  21. Brewer Hicklen
  22. Jeison Guzman
  23. Elvis Luciano
  24. Yefri del Rosario
  25. Johnathan Bowlan
  26. Scott Blewett
  27. Janser Lara
  28. DJ Burt
  29. Foster Griffin
  30. Ofreidy Gomez

This is mostly a really good list. There is a notable omission or two, but I really like the top 25 or so (save for one or two guys we will get to in a second). Before I give you my thoughts on this list, I want to make a small note. These lists are incredibly fickle. They are one group of writer’s opinions and don’t actually mean anything. They are simply for fun and to try to get a gauge on what the future holds for the franchise and the player. So while you shouldn’t take this too seriously, here are my thoughts with MLB Pipeline’s list:


  • Leaving Gabriel Cancel off of this list is outrageous. By every account, Gabriel Cancel has been the better player at the same level and is the same age as Emmanuel Rivera (Cancel is a few months younger). This is not to say that I dislike Emmanuel Rivera, I’m actually kind of bullish on him, but if you’re going to have Emmanuel Rivera ranked 16th on this list, then Gabriel Cancel HAS to be somewhere on the top 30. We had him ranked 10th. There is no reason for him to be left off of the top 30. Meanwhile, Ofreidy Gomez is a 23-year old with a 5.26 FIP in High-A whose best season came back in 2015. Again, not a knock on Gomez, at all, he is a fine pitcher, but Gabriel Cancel is younger and has been better at the same level. I’m dumbfounded here. Then again, there’s always a chance that I’m dead wrong on Cancel. I guess we’ll find out.
  • MLB Pipeline’s top 5 Royals prospects consists of the same 5 players as our own, just in a different order. The Royals top 5 prospects are all pretty well unanimous no matter who you ask, which is a good sign of stability in the system.
  • 17 of the Royals top 30 prospects (according to MLB Pipeline) have been acquired in the last 14 months. Between the 2017 MLB Draft, this past offseason, trades, and the 2018 MLB Draft, the Royals have completely revamped their farm system. The pitching depth has been completely turned around and the entire crop of players has improved. The Royals by no means have a top 10 farm system, but they certainly aren’t in the basement anymore either.
  • Like Baseball America, MLB Pipeline has Josh Staumont ranked ahead of Richard Lovelady despite Lovelady’s total domination of the minor leagues. This is a good example of tools > results in the minds of some scouts. We had Lovelady over Staumont, by a couple spots, but this is where some are going to differ. Either way, the Royals have an elite pair of relievers waiting for Omaha.
  • The Brady Singer vs. Jackson Kowar debate will be a lot of fun. Pure stuff vs. the more polished pitcher. Command and grit vs. a 95 mph sinker and Bugs Bunny changeup. Again, regardless of whom you prefer, the Royals are lucky to have both in their system.

3 thoughts on “MLB Pipeline releases new prospect lists: Royals have a new number 1

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