The Royals gave away four Minor League pitchers

In an…interesting move to say the least, it appears that the Kansas City Royals have given away four pitchers from the farm system to the Seattle Mariners.

The Royals and Mariners have duked it out lately for the honor of having MLB’s worst farm system. It appears that the Royals are trying to dish off some of their remains to help Seattle fall to number 30. Or, maybe KC just wants to be last that bad?

I’m completely kidding. What’s serious, however, is that the Royals shipped off four pitchers for what appears to be nothing in return.

RHP Ashton Goudeau, RHP David McKay, LHP Matt Tenuta, and LHP Colon Rodgers have all been sent to the Seattle Mariners in a recent “trade.”

Ashton Goudeau is a local kid who pitched at Maple Woods CC in the KC area. He posted a 5.37 ERA in 21 AA appearances last season.

David McKay posted an ERA of 7.21 in 20 appearances between rookie ball and Low-A last year.

LHP Matt Tenuta, #84 on our top 100, posted an ERA of 5.74 in 17 AA appearances last season after a solid first half in High-A. He’s 24 years old.

LHP Colin Rodgers posted a 4.36 ERA in 22 appearances at High-A last year. The former 3rd round pick is also 24.

This move is pretty clear to me, the Royals don’t see any of the four pitchers as part of their future and they have other guys that are going to need innings this summer. There appears to be a logjam of arms between AA and the MLB and these guys were just taking up space for the “prospects.”

You’d like to think the Royals could’ve gotten SOMETHING in return, but if the return really was only $1, I guess a McChicken is better than nothing.


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