Prospects Being Squeezed Out

The Royals roster is taking shape. The Royals under Dayton Moore and Ned Yost seem to be a veteran first type of team. That translates as giving a veteran chances until he proves he can’t do it before giving a young guy the chance to prove he can do it.

With the Royals announcing Ian Kennedy will be moving to the bullpen, it squeezes out another potential prospect in the Royals bullpen.

Now it looks like Homer Bailey is going to make the team as the fourth starter pushing another young starter back to Omaha instead of getting MLB innings. Thanks for trying out Heath Fillmyer. Better luck next year. Or Scott Barlow who has been very good other than three solo home runs.

Rather than letting Bonifacio or Phillips try, they are both going back down. I am more on board with this move because the Royals need to see Goodwin.

I get letting Viloria develop longer with Maldanado starting daily. Maldanado is a potential gold glove winner. I will be interested to see how many games Gallagher actually gets to catch.

Now there is a rumor about Duffy moving to the pen pushing another youngster out.

And signing Lucas Duda today? Please don’t send Schwindel down who is actually tearing it up.

This does fit the mantra the Royals have from previous years. Personally, I would rather see the young guys up and getting a daily chance than trying to revitalize so many veteran free agents.

Don’t forget about Sam McWilliams and Chris Ellis who are both Rule 5 draft picks who need to make the roster. If either of those two doesn’t make the roster, they probably go back to their original teams. The Royals could try to work out a deal keeping both in their minor league system. Where do they currently fit?

I know the Royals want to compete, and think they can in the weak AL Central. But at some point, you have to pass the reigns to the next group. They are ready to get their chance. For some it’ll be a second or third chance. Those youngsters need to learn to fail and overcome major league challenges. No doubt there are more moves to come, and young guys need consistent at bats, but I would like to see them get the chance with the Royals sooner than later.

4 thoughts on “Prospects Being Squeezed Out

  1. Really?
    If you can not beat out Lucas Duda. You have no business in MLB.
    What is wrong with having the kids earn their role?
    AAA is where they should develop and prove they are ready.


    • To beat out Lucas Duda, you have to have someone who recognizes that you need him out. It’s hard to beat out a man who is just handed a job. And about letting the kids earn it Dash many of them are no longer kids. They’ve been in the minor leagues long enough that they


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