Composite Top-30 Royals Prospects

I decided to round up the available Royals prospect lists that are out and combine them to get a composite top-30. Here’s whose lists appear so far:

Here’s the composite ranking:

1Gavin Cross8
2Maikel Garcia20
3Tyler Gentry26
4Drew Waters30
5Cayden Wallace33
6Ben Kudrna36
7Frank Mozzicato42
8Nick Loftin44
9Carter Jensen44
10Angel Zerpa64
11Jonathan Bowlan77
12Alec Marsh82
13Asa Lacy85
14Beck Way87
15Luca Tresh88
16Diego Hernandez94
17Peyton Wilson105
18TJ Sikkema106
19Noah Cameron122
20Andrew Hoffmann133
21Samad Taylor134
22Lizandro Rodriguez143
23Austin Charles146
24Mason Barnett161
25Will Klein166
26Max Castillo166
27Ben Hernandez166
28Tucker Bradley173
29River Town187
30David Sandlin187

Tie breakers went to the highest ranking on any individual list. I’ll add MLB Pipeline and FanGraphs whenever they decide to run their lists.


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