General Moore: Morale is at an all-time low, support from Omaha battalion requested.

Major General:

I am sad to report that morale is at an all-time low here at the front. We have now suffered at the hands of defeat for nearly a fortnight. Victories are scarce and our defenses have been no match for enemy cannons. Private Zimmer was sent back to the Omaha battalion, but no significant reinforcements seem to en route to our location.

It is with this in mind that I must ask for your favor, Major General. Morale is low amongst the men and seemingly lower amongst the locals. We thrive on their support of possum fritters and skunk treats, but I am afraid they shall lose faith if defeats continue. We can not win without them, sir, and it is in our best interests to keep the locals on our side, for I fear battles to be even more difficult without them.

With my concerns laid out, it is time that I make my request. Privates Duda, Owings, McCarthy, and Peralta have cost us more than one victory just among themselves. They are growing old, ineffective, and possibly are just not cut out for the job any longer, sir. It is widely known amongst the ranks of the success of Privates Lovelady, Staumont, Lopez, and Starling in the Omaha battalion. I request that you send them our way at once, Major General. Our battalion is in dire need of young, motivated soldiers. I believe the locals may even send their best batches of fresh milk for them, should they arrive.

Major General, we speak of agility and defense with relentless conviction. Let us put our best foot forward in this regard. Private Soler’s cannons have proven to be of great use to our offenses, but his defenses leave us much to be desired. You took from us our most promising defenseman in Private Zimmer and did nothing to replenish the arsenal. Allow us to borrow Privates Lovelady and Staumont from Omaha battalion and witness as we flourish.

I am appreciative and grateful for your continued support, General Moore. Our great victories of past still reside in the memories of our local supporters, but I fear the day memories turn to dreams. Send us support, Major General. Do not lose faith in what still can be great victory for our battalion. The battles lost are damaging, but the war is long and the process is mighty.

Warm regards,

Major Battalion, City of Kansas

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