Be My Valentine, Brett Phillips

Well, it has happened. My heart has been stolen again. Something has joined the echelon with Schwan’s Pretzel Dogs, the Kansas City Royals, my wife, and my daughter. That something is a someone and that someone is Brett Phillips. The young outfielder seems to be the perfect player and probably the next Royal to enter the Hall of Fame. I mean he’s only played for KC for 36 games, but it’s safe to say that he’s the best player currently playing the game, and it’s not close.

Hyperbole aside, I’ve made the decree before, but I’ll say it again and again; Brett Phillips will be the most marketable guy on this team. The front office has had their eye on him for multiple years and I can see why.  The kid has the personality and skills that will play towards a Midwest audience and be a roster cornerstone for years to come.

Do you have a son/daughter that is still in the market for a favorite player? Does that son/daughter also like to play video games? So does Brett.

While we’re talking about your children, does he/she love to do something so much but they’ve been told they can’t do that for a living. Brett will come directly to you and let you know that that is not true.

Do you love dad jokes? So does Brett.

The kid can work a room…

Also he’s pretty darn good as baseballing.

I mean the kid is the total package. Therefore, I’m gonna need you to be my valentine, Brett. My wife and daughter will understand, dude. If I need to hire you through Cameo to ask yourself that, I am willing to do that.

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