RFR Podcast, Episode #79: Kyle Boddy and Mason McRae talk MLB Draft

We sit down with Kyle Boddy of Driveline Baseball to talk about MLB Draft processes, scouting, development, and plenty more. Then, Mason McRae joins the show to talk about under rated draft prospects, how the Royals should approach their 9th overall pick, and more. Enjoy! Apple Podcasts Spotify

RFR Podcast, Episode #73: #EstablishTheFun

Josh, Joel, and I relax a little bit with a game of Two Truths and A Lie, then revisit some preseason predictions to see how bad they were. Then we slowed down for the Minor League Minute where we covered Ben Kudrna, Frank Mozzicato, Eric Cerantola, River Town, Maikel Garcia, Michael Massey, Vinnie Pasquantino, and…

RFR Podcast, Episode #69: Nice

Josh and I were joined by Kent Swanson to talk briefly about the NFL Draft. Then, Josh and I actually talked about baseball. Please subscribe to the podcast page. We love you. Brought to you by Kansas City Strength and Conditioning. Apple Podcasts Spotify

RFR Podcast, Episode #66: Breaking down MiLB rosters

Josh, Joel, and myself break down all four minor league rosters that the Royals announced on Monday from Low-A to AAA. We also threw in some expectations for the big league team at the end. Please make sure to subscribe and download wherever you get your podcasts! Apple Podcasts Spotify Photo Credits: Josh Franzen (@PrtTimeFranimal)…