Alex’s Personal Top-50 List

Really quick, here are the links to the write-ups we have done for our rankings so far:

Our top-5 will be out tomorrow morning. For now, here is the top-50 list that I submitted for our aggregate:

1Gavin Cross
2Nick Loftin
3Cayden Wallace
4Drew Waters
5Tyler Gentry
6Angel Zerpa
7Alec Marsh
8Jonathan Bowlan
9Asa Lacy
10Maikel Garcia
11Ben Kudrna
12Carter Jensen
13Frank Mozzicato
14Max Castillo
15Diego Hernandez
16TJ Sikkema
17Nate Eaton
18Nate Webb
19Beck Way
20Brewer Hicklen
21David Sandlin
22Andrew Hoffmann
23Anthony Veneziano
24John Rave
25Peyton Wilson
26Drew Parrish
27Samad Taylor
28Luca Tresh
29Will Klein
30Noah Cameron
31Daniel Vazquez
32Ben Hernandez
33Tucker Bradley
34Darryl Collins
35Christian Chamberlain
36Hunter Patteson
37Erick Pena
38Jonatan Bernal
39Austin Charles
40Shane Panzini
41Erick Torres
42Junior Marin
43Chandler Champlain
44River Town
45Seuly Matias
46Rylan Kaufman
47Hayden Dunhurst
48Brennon McNair
49Yefri Del Rosario
50Tyler Tolbert

Guys I’m higher on than the aggregate:

  • Cayden Wallace (RFR Rank: 7, My Rank: 3)
    • I was the high man on Wallace. I absolutely love what this kid is capable of at the plate and I think he’ll be a talented third baseman defensively when it’s all said and done. He struck out in just 17% of his plate appearances at Arkansas this past spring, and he’s already begun hitting professional pitchers well. He was just a sophomore this past spring, so instead of playing his junior year at Arkansas he’ll be playing in full-season ball at the professional level. He’s got legitimate 60-grade power potential as he continues developing and I think he’s capable of hitting 30+ home runs in the big leagues.
  • Max Castillo (RFR Rank: 19, My Rank: 14)
    • I know this isn’t a massive difference in ranking but it mostly has to do with my confidence in Castillo to start long-term. For example, Josh and Marcus both had him down in the 20’s, and I think you can point at the belief that Castillo is better suited as a reliver long-term as part of the reason. In some ways I get it. Castillo’s three pitch mix would probably make him an incredibly effective reliever. I just think his command is too good to need to push him to a relief role. He’s only 23 years old and has big league starting experience under his belt already. I really think he’s going to get a chance to compete for a starting spot in the Royals rotation in Spring Training.
  • David Sandlin (RFR Rank: 28, My Rank: 21)
    • Sandlin is a guy I am a huge believer in. His ranking on our personal lists varied wildly. I had him 21, Jared had him at 40, and Marcus had him at 17, just for context. If you’re Marcus and I, you’re buying the production that Sandlin put up late in the season that helped carry Oklahoma to the College World Series. If you’re not a huge believer, you’re probably looking at the first half of the season and thinking, “Are we looking at the same guy?” I’m not entirely sure what happened at OU this spring, but Sandling and his teammate Cade Horton both found an extra gear at the end of the season that sent their draft stock through the roof. While I actually agree that Horton is the better prospect long-term, I think the value you get with Sandlin in Round 11 versus Horton going #7 overall is drastically in favor of Sandlin.

Guys I’m lower on than the aggregate:

  • Maikel Garcia (RFR Rank: 5, My Rank: 10)
    • This is pretty ironic because I really like Garcia. Like…really like him. I just wasn’t willing to put him over guys that I think have a much higher ultimate ceiling when it’s all said and done. I am 100% a believer that Garcia can be an everyday shortstop in the big leagues as soon as Opening Day in 2023. I just don’t know what kind of star potential he has and some guys I have in front of him definitely have it, even if there’s more volatility involved with them.
  • Austin Charles (RFR Rank: 32, My Rank: 39)
    • Again, this is a guy I really like and I can totally see being a dynamic prospect in a couple of years. There’s also just so many different things that can happen for a two-way player with hit tool concerns that I’m going to be a little cautious with my ranking of Charles until we get to see him in Columbia. He was a borderline top-100 prospect in this year’s draft, and he’s got top-100 prospect in baseball upside, but like I do with most teenagers that weren’t drafted in the first couple rounds, I’m going to take a little bit of a wait and see approach.

So there ya go. Like I said, our top-5 will be out tomorrow morning. Thanks as always for all of your support. Be sure to listen to the podcast and subscribe to the Substack…please.

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