RFR’s 2022 Midseason Top-50 Royals Prospect Rankings: Honorable Mentions

Welcome. Thanks for checking in. I wanted to have this out last week but…life happened. We’ll get into the top-50 ASAP. For now, here’s a quick checklist of a bunch of guys I felt were worth mentioning but just didn’t crack our top-50 for now. Just as an FYI, our midseason list is never as detailed as our preseason list. So, this is more of an inventory check than a full write-up like we do preseason. As always, our lists are an aggregate of several folks that vote on individual top-50 lists. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions

  • Kale Emshoff, C
    • I really wanted to have Kale on the top-50. His strikeout rate is just way too high and he’s not walking this year like he did last year.
  • William Fleming, RHP
    • One of the pitchers Kansas City got from Seattle for Carlos Santana. Hasn’t been great in six starts for KC at High-A. Still think his slider will play up in the bullpen.
  • Omar Hernandez, C
    • Defensive wizard. Bat just hasn’t come around. May still be able to fill out a big league roster the way Sebastian Rivero has. That seems to be his absolute ceiling though.
  • Adrian Alcantara, RHP
    • 22-year old at High-A to keep an eye on. Excellent offspeed stuff. Doesn’t command the ball great and his fastball leaves a lot to be desired. Still, his curveball/changeup combo do miss some bats.
  • CJ Alexander, 3B
    • Explosive bat that was kind of a throw in in the Drew Waters deal.
  • Noah Murdock, RHP
    • Big RHP that should’ve been moved to the bullpen already. Gonna have to wait and reevaluate him once he makes that move.
  • Jack Pineda, UTIL
    • Jack…of all trades. 12th round pick out of Baylor. Kind of excited to see how he does in A-ball.
  • Roger Leyton, OF
    • 19-year old having another good summer in Arizona. That in itself is never promising but I like the swing and power potential.
  • Logan Porter, C
    • Another guy I really wanted to crack our top-50. Just not much room for error for a 27-year old in AA.
  • Javier Vaz, OF
    • Later round pick from Vanderbilt. No present power but a handful of other tools that are intriguing.
  • Wilmin Candelario, CF
    • Lots of tools. Very little polish or production to this point. Former big money international signing.
  • Omar Florentino, IF
    • Copy and paste from Candelario.
  • Junior Calderon, OF
    • Lots of power for a younger kid. Still stuck in Arizona as a 20-year old.
  • Levi Usher, OF
    • Tooled up outfielder from Louisville. 10th round pick this season. We’ll see how he handles professional breaking balls.
  • Lizandro Rodriguez, IF
    • 19-year old is tearing up the Arizona Complex League after tearing up the DSL last summer. Would’ve liked to have seen him in Columbia by now.
  • Jonah Dipoto, RHP
    • Reliever at AA. Son of Mariners GM Jerry. Lots of K’s, lots of BB’s.
  • Zach Willeman, RHP
    • Return for Danny Duffy from the Dodgers. Relieving in AAA.
  • Dairon Blanco, CF
    • He’s just so fast…
  • Clay Dungan, UTIL
    • Incredible defender. Bat may have maxed out at AAA though…
  • Luinder Avila, RHP
    • Not sure what to think about any of the young arms in the system right now, but Avila has a big frame and a dandy of a curveball. Fastball is not good but his changeup helps it play up a bit.
  • Austin Cox, LHP
    • The stuff still hasn’t ticked back up to allow him to start in the big leagues. I still think there’s an opportunity for him to relieve but he’s still starting in Omaha.
  • Caden Monke, LHP
    • Monke hasn’t looked as good this year as he did last year. Still think there’s a big league LOOGY in here. Maybe Amir Garrett ish.
  • Josh Dye, LHP
    • Soft-throwing lefty with a funky delivery could offer you a unique look out of a big league bullpen.
  • Herard Gonzalez, IF
    • Lots of tools. Lots of volatility. Fun to watch. 21, High-A.
  • Eric Cerantola, RHP
    • Been on the IL for a while. Big RHP out off Mississippi State. Electric breaking stuff. Could still relieve in the big leagues I think.
  • John McMillon, RHP
    • McMillon is not currently on the IL, and he went to Texas Tech, but you can copy and paste the rest of that Cerantola write-up here.
  • Kasey Kalich, RHP
    • Return for Jorge Soler last year. Has actually tore up High-A for the last couple months. He’s still 24 in High-A, however.
  • Tyson Guerrero, LHP
    • Been on the IL for a while. Was fun to watch in High-A for a little bit. Softer throwing lefty with good breaking stuff.
  • Mason Barnett, RHP
    • 2022 3rd round pick out of Auburn.
  • Steven Zobac, RHP
    • 2022 4th round pick out of Cal. Former position player.
  • Mack Anglin, RHP
    • 2022 7th round pick out of Clemson. Big breaking ball. Reliever.
  • Brandon Johnson, RHP
    • 2022 9th round pick out of Ole Miss. Good reliever. Some of the best Stuff+ numbers in the draft.
  • Ben Sears, RHP
    • 2022 14th round pick out of Houston. Sinker/slider reliever. Kind of funky.

Photo Credits: Josh Franzen (@PrtTimeFranimal)

10 thoughts on “RFR’s 2022 Midseason Top-50 Royals Prospect Rankings: Honorable Mentions

  1. HI Alex,
    Candelario and Florentino are two of the biggest disappointments in the Royals system (along with E. Pena). I don’t know if I expect more when they sign for big money but they don’t seem to have progressed at all. Is there a problem in the Royals international scouting process? Don’t seem to be getting much out of their big signing although I am not giving up on Pena.

    Do you think that we are seeing the lack of short season/rookie league teams is hindering development of DR players and more raw athletic US players? Big jump between ACL and Columbia and only so many players can play in Carolina League. Seems like the incoming college players will pass up the type of players listed above.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree that not having short season rookie ball like Idaho Falls and Burlington is hurting some of these kids. Idk what to make of the rest of it.


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