Royals MiLB Leaderboards: 8/1/22

Hitters (min. 250 PA):

HitsMichael Massey108
Maikel Garcia94
Nate Eaton93
Nick Loftin92
Diego Hernandez87
Tucker Bradley87
DoublesMichael Massey28
Maikel Garcia24
Robbie Glendinning19
River Town18
7 tied with17
TriplesTyler Tolbert6
Herard Gonzalez6
Diego Hernandez4
Nate Eaton4
5 tied with3
Home RunsVinnie Pasquantino18
Nick Pratto17
Brewer Hicklen17
Michael Massey16
Robbie Glendinning16
RBIMichael Massey77
Vinnie Pasquantino67
Robbie Glendinning64
Brewer Hicklen60
John Rave56
SBTyler Tolbert42
Maikel Garcia27
Diego Hernandez24
Nick Loftin22
Nate Eaton21
BB/KIvan Castillo1.10
Vinnie Pasquantino1.03
River Town0.81
Logan Porter0.80
Nick Loftin0.74
ISOVinnie Pasquantino0.296
Nick Pratto0.244
Brewer Hicklen0.241
Juan Carlos Negret0.228
Robbie Glendinning0.225
BATyler Gentry0.324
Michael Massey0.312
Tucker Bradley0.307
Logan Porter0.3
Maikel Garcia0.291
OBPLogan Porter0.433
Tyler Gentry0.411
Tucker Bradley0.396
River Town0.386
Nick Pratto0.374
OPSTyler Gentry0.957
Vinnie Pasquantino0.948
Logan Porter0.927
Michael Massey0.903
Brewer Hicklen0.872
LD%Kale Emshoff24.7%
Jake Means24.6%
Robbie Glendinning23.4%
Maikel Garcia23.3%
Tyler Gentry23.1%
SwStr%Maikel Garcia5.3%
Ivan Castillo7.4%
Vinnie Pasquantino7.7%
River Town7.9%
Clay Dungan8.1%
Hard-Hit%Brewer Hicklen38.0%
Carter Jensen32.1%
Vinnie Pasquantino31.8%
Nick Pratto31.8%
Michael Massey30.5%
wRC+Tyler Gentry151
Vinnie Pasquantino144
Logan Porter141
River Town138
Brewer Hicklen130
Nick Pratto130

Pitchers (min. 40 IP):

IPDrew Parrish93.1
Austin Cox91.2
Charlie Neuweiler86.1
Anthony Veneziano85.1
Luinder Avila84.0
KAlec Marsh109
Anthony Veneziano93
Rylan Kaufman90
Adrian Alcantara79
Marcelo Martinez79
WEmilio Marquez9
Heribert Garcia7
Drew Parrish6
Charlie Neuweiler6
2 others tied with6
ERAAndres Sotillet1.62
Ben Kudrna2.66
Jonah Dipoto2.82
Emilio Marquez2.93
Dante Biasi3.41
FIPNoah Cameron2.68
Ben Kudrna3.48
Andres Sotillet3.76
Emilio Marquez3.83
Josh Dye3.85
K%Noah Cameron36.6%
Emilio Marquez31.8%
Jonah Dipoto29.6%
Frank Mozzicato29.0%
Alec Marsh28.7%
BB%Patrick Halligan4.4%
Josh Dye4.7%
Heribert Garcia5.8%
Noah Cameron6.4%
Anthony Simonelli6.5%
K-BB%Noah Cameron30.2%
Emilio Marquez24.7%
Alec Marsh17.6%
Josh Dye17.1%
Angel Zerpa17.0%
SwStr%Daury Cabrera18.7%
Noah Cameron17.5%
Alec Marsh16.8%
Emilio Marquez16.2%
Adrian Alcantara14.6%
Heribert Garcia14.6%
GB%Anderson Paulino65.6%
Walter Pennington58.0%
Caden Monke55.9%
Noah Murdock54.4%
Zach Willeman53.3%
HR/9Ben Kudrna0.00
Charlie Neuweiler0.52
Anderson Paulino0.55
Andres Sotillet0.61
Dante Biasi0.63

2 thoughts on “Royals MiLB Leaderboards: 8/1/22

  1. Hi Alex. What is your take on Marsh’s absolutely awful system line except for Ks? Only scouting box score here but yikes, it’s brutal. I expect more on field results than what his season has produced.

    Liked by 1 person

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