Kansas City Royals draft Mason Barnett with 87th overall pick in MLB Draft

With the 87th overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft, the Kansas City Royals have selected Auburn RHP Mason Barnett. Barnett was not a part of our top-100 ranking in the Draft Guide and came in at #209 at MLB Pipeline. He’s got a wipeout slider that can touch 87 mph at times, and his fastball runs up to 98, although it doesn’t quite have great carry to it at the top of the zone. The slider is definitely his carrying pitch and he probably should’ve been throwing it more in college.

Fastball: 93-96, t98, not as good a pitch as the velo suggests
Slider: 70-grade pitch, tops out at 87
Changeup: 50-grade offering, great fourth pitch
Curveball: Sneaky good offering, pairs well with the harder slider

Barnett has a starter’s profile if he can fix his fastball. Unfortunately, the Royals have not been great at taking players with bad fastball shapes and making them good, so it’s a long shot to think that they could all of a sudden fix Barnett. In any case, the breaking balls are prolific carrying tools that should help him play up in a bullpen role.

Nothing I’m getting too excited about here. Would anticipate that this pick should save the Royals some money. Biggest question now is, is that for their next pick? Or to afford Cayden Wallace? I’m betting on the former.

4 thoughts on “Kansas City Royals draft Mason Barnett with 87th overall pick in MLB Draft

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