Kansas City Royals draft LHP Hunter Patteson in 5th round

Now here’s a pick I can get down with. Patteson is a big LHP standing 6′ 5″ and was running his fastball up to 96 mph before leaving a start in early April. The University of Central Florida had Tommy John Surgery shortly after and will probably be looking to sign whatever the Royals are willing to offer. Once he’s in the system, you’re talking about a guy with great stuff and great projection. His fastball has great shape to it, the changeup is a legitimate plus-offering, and while the slider can be a little too slurvy at times, it has great shape and may improve tremendously with a touch more velo.

This now makes five college players drafted by the Royals in the first five rounds. I kind of like Steven Zobac a little bit, Mason Barnett is fine, but this pick of Patteson in the 5th round is a no-brainer for me. Throw $250,000 at him, save yourself $100,000 or so, and load up for whoever it is they’re saving some money for later on in this draft. I’m a fan.

2 thoughts on “Kansas City Royals draft LHP Hunter Patteson in 5th round

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