Royals MiLB Leaderboards: 5/19/22

Welcome back. If you’re new here, we ran these updates weekly last year. I’ll try to do that again in 2022, but I make no promises as I have a 9-month old and have been much busier at home than in years past. Here’s a link to one of the leaderboards from last year in case you want to check out what they used to look like.

Anyway. For this year, I’m going to enter the numbers into a table and put the table into these articles. I’m not entirely sure if that will be better or worse…but we’re at least going to give it a go for a while. The point of these isn’t supposed to be a measuring contest or anything. Just a fun update on how some of the Royals prospects are performing and who leads the minors in particular categories. I hope you’ll enjoy them as such.

Hitters (min. 80 PA for rate stats):

HitsMichael Massey42
Maikel Garcia42
Nick Loftin36
Nate Eaton35
Brewer Hicklen34
DoublesMaikel Garcia11
Michael Massey10
Brewer Hicklen10
Vinnie Pasquantino9
Gabriel Cancel9
TriplesTyler Tolbert3
Edgar Martinez3
Tucker Bradley2
Darryl Collins2
River Town2
Home RunsVinnie Pasquantino8
Cam Williams8
Michael Massey6
Nick Pratto5
9 others tied with5
RBIMichael Massey30
Vinnie Pasquantino30
Nick Loftin23
Brewer Hicklen23
Robbie Glendinning21
SBTyler Tolbert16
Dairon Blanco13
Maikel Garcia12
Diego Hernandez12
Wilmin Candelario10
Nate Eaton10
BB/KIvan Castillo3.00
Darryl Collins1.10
Vinnie Pasquantino0.96
Maikel Garcia0.92
John Rave0.77
ISOCam Williams0.321
River Town0.295
Vinnie Pasquantino0.280
Robbie Glendinning0.255
Dillan Shrum0.234
BATyler Gentry0.380
Maikel Garcia0.318
Michael Massey0.316
Gabriel Cancel0.314
Logan Porter0.309
OBPTyler Gentry0.451
Logan Porter0.429
Maikel Garcia0.423
Dillan Shrum0.395
Dairon Blanco0.381
OPSTyler Gentry1.001
Logan Porter0.910
Vinnie Pasquantino0.909
River Town0.893
Michael Massey0.884
LD%Gabriel Cancel31.0%
Tyler Gentry28.3%
Maikel Garcia25.5%
Brewer Hicklen25.3%
Tyler Tolbert24.7%
Carter Jensen24.7%
SwStr%Maikel Garcia5.2%
Ivan Castillo7.0%
Clay Dungan7.5%
Nick Loftin7.5%
Darryl Collins8.6%
Hard-Hit%Brewer Hicklen37.7%
Nick Pratto30.8%
Michael Massey30.0%
Vinnie Pasquantino29.8%
Tyler Gentry25.5%
wRC+Tyler Gentry180
River Town144
Dillan Shrum142
Vinnie Pasquantino140
Logan Porter136

Pitchers (min. 20 IP for rate stats):

IPAustin Cox38.2
Drew Parrish38.0
Marcelo Martine30.2
Luinder Avila29.2
Noah Cameron29.0
KNoah Cameron39
Alec Marsh38
Marcelo Martine33
Drew Parrish33
3 tied with31
WDrew Parrish4
Emilio Marquez4
Luinder Avila3
Heribert Garcia3
Walter Pennington3
ERAYefri Del Rosario1.52
Drew Parrish2.13
Walter Pennington3.68
Emilio Marquez3.70
Noah Cameron3.72
FIPNoah Cameron3.61
Jonathan Heasley3.84
Walter Pennington3.90
Charlie Neuweiler4.06
Anderson Paulino4.14
Drew Parrish4.14
K%Alec Marsh36.5%
Noah Cameron33.6%
Emilio Marquez31.3%
Jonathan Heasley29.1%
Walter Pennington28.6%
BB%Heribert Garcia5.0%
Delvin Capellan5.0%
Emilio Marquez5.1%
Patrick Halligan5.2%
Drew Parrish5.4%
K-BB%Emilio Marquez26.3%
Noah Cameron25.9%
Jonathan Heasley23.3%
Alec Marsh23.1%
Walter Pennington19.0%
SwStr%Alec Marsh20.5%
Emilio Marquez17.7%
Noah Cameron16.8%
Walter Pennington15.7%
Heribert Garcia15.6%
GB%Noah Murdock61.7%
Walter Pennington61.5%
Anderson Paulino61.4%
Angel Zerpa60.0%
Luinder Avila54.0%
HR/9Charlie Neuweiler0.35
Noah Murdock0.66
Anderson Paulino0.70
Drew Parrish0.71
Dante Biasi0.78

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