BREAKING: MLB, MLBPA agree to end lockout


On the 99th day of the MLB lockout, the Player’s Association voted to accept MLB’s proposal to end the 2021-2022 MLB lockout.

Welcome back you beautiful S.O.B.

In case you missed it, Passan was big hacked earlier today:

What a freaking return by baseball’s Twitter GOAT.

Here is a cumulation of every tweet I’ve seen today regarding things that could be included in the new CBA:

I love that they have agreed to ban the shift in some capacity. I know that’s probably a hot take in some regards but I am all for making the game easier for baseball’s superstars, similarly to how the NFL has adapted its rules to make the game easier for its quarterbacks in recent years.

We will have as much coverage as possible on podcasts, articles, Twitter, etc. in the coming days. Thanks for following along with us. BASEBALL IS BACK, BABY!


2 thoughts on “BREAKING: MLB, MLBPA agree to end lockout

  1. What is your initial thought about the players executive council going TOTALLY against the offer and the team reps approving it 26-4? Sound like the union is out of touch with the rank and file.


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