RFR’s 2022 Preseason Top-50 Royals Prospect Rankings

Thank you to everyone who read the full-length writeups of all of our top 50 Royals prospects plus the 23 honorable mentions we listed. This is legitimately one of my favorite times of the year as we get to recap the 2021 season as well as talk about the guys we’re most excited about for the 2022 season. I cannot express to you all enough how grateful I am for your support. We plan on keeping this site completely free for the foreseeable future and it’s your support on here that allows us to do that. The ads we run from WordPress more or less keep us in business to some extent, so thank you.

I also can’t express to you enough how excited I am for this Royals team. They are seriously LOADED with talent that will be arriving in Kansas City in the next year or two. I’ll have more on this in the next week or so, but can you imagine this lineup closing out 2023?

  • LF: Nick Loftin
  • CF: lol…we’re working on it
  • RF: Kyle Isbel
  • 3B: Bobby Witt Jr.
  • SS: Nicky Lopez
  • 2B: Whit Merrifield / Michael Massey
  • 1B: Nick Pratto
  • C: Salvador Perez / MJ Melendez
  • DH: Vinnie Pasquantino / MJ Melendez

And a pitching staff that consists of:

  • Brady Singer
  • Brad Keller
  • Kris Bubic
  • Daniel Lynch
  • Jackson Kowar
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • Alec Marsh
  • Jonathan Bowlan
  • Josh Staumont
  • Dylan Coleman
  • Will Klein
  • Angel Zerpa
  • Jonathan Heasley
  • Anthony Veneziano
  • Daniel Tillo
  • Nate Webb
  • Scott Barlow
  • Asa Lacy

26 of the players I mentioned on that list were either drafted by the Royals or signed as international free agents. This organization has done a great job of building talent in the minor leagues that is going to allow them to keep some of them through their rookie contracts AND spend money to fill holes on the roster (CF) in free agency when they feel like it’s the right time. This doesn’t even include guys like Maikel Garcia who are legitimate prospects on the 40-man roster and may just not have a spot on the big league roster for a bit. This system is loaded and it’s about to pay huge dividends for this team.

Again…thank you all so much for following along with us. Here’s a quick summation of our top 50 Royals prospects along with the honorable mentions in one tidy place.

Honorable Mentions:

– Samuel Valerio, RHP
– Matt Stil, RHP
– AJ Block, LHP
– Kasey Kalich, RHP
– Brennon McNair, SS
– Lizandro Rodriguez, OF
– Junior Marin, OF
– Herard Gonzalez, IF
– Foster Griffin, LHP
– Dayton Dooney, IF
– Jaswel De Los Santos, OF
– Rothaikeg Seijas, OF
– Roger Leyton, OF
– Adrian Alcantara, RHP
– Delvin Capellan, RHP
– Anderson Paulino, RHP
– Diego Hernandez, OF
– Burle Dixon, OF
– Omar Florentino, IF
– Yohanse Morel, RHP
– Saul Garza, 1B/C
– Charlie Neuweiler, RHP
– John Rave, OF

Top 50:

50. Luinder Avila, RHP
49. Tyler Tolbert, UTIL
48. Collin Snider, RHP
47. Christian Chamberlain, LHP
46. Caden Monke, LHP
45. John McMillon, RHP
44. Noah Murdock, RHP
43. Luca Tresh, C
42. Kale Emshoff, C
41. Wilmin Candelario, SS
40. Josh Dye, LHP
39. Zach Haake, RHP
38. Eric Cerantola, RHP
37. Shane Panzini, RHP
36. Rylan Kaufman, LHP
35. Tucker Bradley, OF
34. Clay Dungan, 2B
33. Brewer Hicklen, OF
32. Austin Cox, LHP
31. Tyler Gentry, OF
30. Nate Eaton, UTIL
29. Omar Hernandez, C
28. Daniel Vazquez, SS
27. Yefri Del Rosario, RHP
26. Carter Jensen, C
25. Seuly Matias, OF
24. Nate Webb, RHP
23. Daniel Tillo, LHP
22. Anthony Veneziano, LHP
21. Peyton Wilson, UTIL
20. Drew Parrish, LHP
19. Ben Hernandez, RHP
18. Dylan Coleman, RHP
17. Will Klein, RHP
16. Michael Massey, 2B
15. Jonathan Heasley, RHP
14. Maikel Garcia, SS
13. Darryl Collins, OF
12. Erick Pena, OF
11. Frank Mozzicato, LHP
10. Ben Kudrna, RHP
9. Alec Marsh, RHP
8. Angel Zerpa, LHP
7. Vinnie Pasquantino, 1B
6. Jonathan Bowlan, RHP
5. Nick Loftin, UTIL
4. Nick Pratto, 1B
3. Asa Lacy, LHP
2. MJ Melendez, C
1. Bobby Witt Jr., SS

Top-50 Final Tally:

  • Pitchers: 27
    – LHP: 11
    – RHP: 16
  • Infielders: 8
  • Outfielders: 6
  • Utility: 4
  • Catchers: 5


Thanks again!

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15 thoughts on “RFR’s 2022 Preseason Top-50 Royals Prospect Rankings

  1. I think your lineup is very good, but I would put Mondesi at 3rd. What to do with Witt, Jr.? 70 grade speed, great arm and excellent baseball skills–could he play center? Need to find more at bats for Salvy and Melendez–Melendez could back up Mondesi if he has injuries.


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