2021 End-of-Season Rankings Update

Just wanted to update our rankings a little bit as the season winds down. We’re going to take Jackson Kowar and Emmanuel Rivera off of the list as they’ve both spent significant time at the big league level. We’re also going to shift some guys around just a touch that we’ve gotten some good feedback on. We’re constantly reevaluating guys anyway and while I understand this isn’t the most important thing in the world, we wanted to give y’all a little peek at how we’re looking at the farm system headed into the 2021 offseason. Normally we wouldn’t update rankings now, but with a huge offseason ahead of us, I think it’s relevant enough to make some changes just in case we need to go back and reference some things in the event of a trade or roster move coming up. Anyway, do enjoy.

Mid-Season Top 51

#50: John Rave, CF

#49: Dayton Dooney, 2B

#48: Saul Garza, 1B/C

#47: Christian Chamberlain, LHP

#46: Shane Panzini, RHP

#45: Eric Cerantola, RHP

#44: Zach Haake, RHP

#43: Yohanse Morel, RHP

#42: John McMillon, RHP

#41: Carter Jensen, C

#40: Wilmin Candelario, SS

#39: Tyler Gentry, OF

#38: Omar Hernandez, C

#37: Daniel Vazquez, SS

#36: Kale Emshoff, C

#35: Brewer Hicklen, OF

#34: Noah Murdock, RHP

#33: Charlie Neuweiler, RHP

#32: Seuly Matias, OF

#31: Rylan Kaufman, LHP

#30: Luca Tresh, C

#29: Tucker Bradley, OF

#28: Clay Dungan, 2B

#27: Yefri Del Rosario, RHP

#26: Daniel Tillo, LHP

#25: Ben Hernandez, RHP

#24: Anthony Veneziano, LHP

#23: Peyton Wilson, UTIL

#22: Will Klein, RHP

#21: Dylan Coleman, RHP

#20: Drew Parrish, LHP

#19: Darryl Collins, OF

#18: Jon Heasley, RHP

#17: Maikel Garcia, SS

#16: Jeison Guzman, SS

#15: Austin Cox, LHP

#14: Michael Massey, 2B

#13: Frank Mozzicato, LHP

#12: Ben Kudrna, RHP

#11: Vinnie Pasquantino, 1B

#10: Erick Pena, OF

#9: Angel Zerpa, LHP

#8: Jonathan Bowlan, RHP

#7: Nick Loftin, UTIL

#6: Kyle Isbel, OF

#5: Asa Lacy, LHP

#4: Alec Marsh, RHP

#3: Nick Pratto, 1B

#2: MJ Melendez, C

#1: Bobby Witt Jr., SS

Quick Thoughts:

  • I wanted to have Vinnie Pasquantino in our top 10 at midseason. I wanted to put him in our top 10 now as well. While I have finally worked up the courage to stop being conservative with ranking him, I do still think the upside Erick Pena could potentially offer you is worthy of ranking him #10 ahead of Vinnie. Vinnie’s bat is legit. He’s going to be a big leaguer in some capacity very soon. What his role on the team looks like is yet to be determined, but I am somehow getting more and more excited for his debut in the big leagues as time goes on.
  • I went ahead and skipped Nick Loftin up a few spots because he has just been dominant at High-A of late. He’s played all over the infield incredibly well, winning our “Defender of the Year” award, and looks exactly like the hitter the Royals thought they were getting in the first round in 2020.
  • Drew Parrish makes the jump from #33 to #20 after winning our “Cy Young Award” for the 2021 season. His fastball jumped up and touched 95 at times this season and his changeup looks like a legitimately “plus” pitch that could carry him in the big leagues. He’s still just 23 years old and pitched incredibly well in his first full professional season this year. He could very easily make some starts in the big leagues in 2022.
  • I moved Omar Hernandez up a few spots despite his not hitting that well in Columbia this year. Hernandez reminds me a ton of Sebastian Rivero and may actually have a better bat in the long run. Hernandez is so good behind home plate and as long as he stays healthy he’s almost definitely going to reach the big leagues one day. It really just remains to be seen in what capacity.
  • John Rave enters the list at #50 after a strong showing in Quad Cities. I’m not entirely sure he’ll hit enough in the long run but he’s toolsy enough to keep an eye on for now.

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