Minor League Minutes: 8/6/2021

A group of 2021 draftees made their professional debuts last night in Arizona:

– 2nd round comp pick Peyton Wilson finished 0-2 with a BB and a K for the Gold team

– 6th round pick Dayton Dooney finished 0-3 with a K playing for the Blue team

– 9th round pick Parker Bates finished 0-3 playing for the Blue team

– 15th round pick River Town finished 0-2 playing for the Gold team

– 19th round pick Cam Williams finished 0-1 with a K for the Blue team

– Not a 2021 draftee but Erick Peña did finish 1-3 with his 8th double of the season for the Blue team as well

Make sure to check out the most recent edition of the RFR podcast. MJ Melendez joined the guys to talk about his turn around.

John Rave hit a pair of HR for Quad Cities last night. He’s been fun to watch lately.

This was a fantastic read from Alec Lewis, and something we heard a lot about from MJ Melendez and Nick Pratto on the podcast recently.

Photo Credits: Doc Riddle (@TheGrandOldGame)

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