Check out the new RFR gear at Glory Days Threads

Thanks to our friends over at Glory Days Threads (@glory_days_tees on Twitter), Royals Farm Report now has a line of t-shirts that you can purchase to help support our staff here at the site. As you guys know by now, we pride ourselves in making sure to bring you the best coverage of the Royals minor league system possible at absolutely no cost. That doesn’t mean that the coverage we bring you is free on our end, however. Tickets cost money. Subscriptions to other prospecting sites. subscriptions. Etc.

Some of you may be familiar with our Patreon page. You can subscribe for any monthly amount you see fit over there as a “thank you” of sorts to our staff. We don’t post any content there, but it’s a way to support our staff for anyone that feels like contributing. Hopefully with the sale of these shirts we can both allow you an avenue to support our staff here at Royals Farm Report and give you something back in return.

We are currently running a presale on shirts through August 1st. Presale orders will be shipped out starting August 13th. From now (7/24) through Tuesday, July 27th, all shirts will be $20.00. Starting Wednesday, July 28th, shirts will go up to $23.00. 2023 is the year the window opens, right?

In any case, thank you for all of your support over the years. We really appreciate you following and reading our content and allowing us to share our love of MiLB with you. Let’s Go Royals!

3 thoughts on “Check out the new RFR gear at Glory Days Threads

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