Minor League Minutes: 5/11/2021

Every week this summer we’ll update our MiLB leaderboards. Basically a run down of who is leading the Royals farm system in certain statistical categories up to that point. The affiliates are supposed to get every Monday off so Mondays will be a good day to get you caught up on how things are going. You can check out the first leaderboard update here.

Home Runs

1.) MJ Melendez / Anderson Miller / Vinnie Pasquantino – 2
4.) Nick Pratto / Edward Olivares / Brady McConnell / 7 others – 1

Check out the 33rd edition of the RFR Podcast. Alex and Joel recap week 1 of MiLB and Will Klein joins the show to talk about his professional debut.

All of the Royals MiLB affiliates were off last night, as were the Royals themselves, so there’s no recap for this morning. Check back tomorrow morning for a recap of all of today’s action!

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