Minor League Minutes: 2/12/21

While typing out the date for these Minutes today it dawned on me that 2/22/22 is coming up next year. So that’ll be fun.

I seriously doubt anyone reading this would have missed this bit of news, but the Royals traded Khalil Lee and Franchy Cordero for Andrew Benintendi.

“Hoo boy. As I’m sitting here waiting on the price for Andrew Benintendi, I want to mention a couple of thoughts:

  1. A personal comp I have for Kyle Isbel is a lighter hitting Benintendi who can actually play a good CF. So, if Benintendi is here to stay for the next couple years…we could have a sweet outfield in the next few seasons.
  2. I wonder what the deadened ball and a new ballpark do for Benintendi. He’s already not a power hitter so you have to assume he goes from a ~15 HR and ~40 doubles guy to a ~10 HR and ~45 doubles guy.”

We released our top 50 prospects heading into the season on Wednesday night, right after the Benintendi trade was announced.

#20: Kale Emshoff, C

“The gem of the 2020 undrafted free agent class, Emshoff could very well be the Royals best catching prospect by the end of the MiLB season. He’s a legitimate 50-grade defender and if the bat holds up, could easily provide average production for a catcher at the plate. Emshoff had a 1.327 OPS and 7 HR in his first 17 games of 2020 and was well on his way to being a top 3 round pick in the draft had he played an entire season. That KC got him after the draft had ended is absolute theft and ought to pay big dividends for the Royals moving forward.”

Our founding father wrote a pretty cool article about how we should be evaluating hit tools.

“The hit tool sits atop the great pyramid of tools, trumping its own off-spring–power–as well as the three remaining tools in a position prospect’s physical cache: speed, glove, and arm. The hit tool is the simple measure of how often a ball is properly squared up, driven with authority, and deposited into the field of play.”


Go read David Lesky’s new stuff.

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