BREAKING: Royals reportedly acquire OF Andrew Benintendi from Red Sox

Hoo boy. As I’m sitting here waiting on the price for Andrew Benintendi, I want to mention a couple of thoughts:

  1. A personal comp I have for Kyle Isbel is a lighter hitting Benintendi who can actually play a good CF. So, if Benintendi is here to stay for the next couple years…we could have a sweet outfield in the next few seasons.
  2. I wonder what the deadened ball and a new ballpark do for Benintendi. He’s already not a power hitter so you have to assume he goes from a ~15 HR and ~40 doubles guy to a ~10 HR and ~45 doubles guy.

Alright so what we’ve gathered is Khalil Lee to the Mets, Franchy Cordero and a PTBNL to Boston, Andrew Benintendi and $$$ to the Royals. Alrighty then.

I love this. As I mentioned before, we were coming off of Lee a little bit heading into 2021. His hit tool just hasn’t developed and it was going to be crucial for Lee to refine his approach as he got closer to Kansas City. You can understand then why the Royals might be comfortable moving on for more of a sure thing in Benintendi.

In Cordero, you have a ton of potential in a guy that can’t stay on the field. I get why Royals fans would want him to stick around for a while, but Benintendi was a legitimately good player for Boston before the weird 2020 season. If Benintendi can live somewhere between his 103 and 123 wRC+ he posted in 2018 and 2019, the Royals will be just fine in this trade.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Royals reportedly acquire OF Andrew Benintendi from Red Sox

  1. Hi Alex,
    What is the Mets role in this deal? Seems like their 26th prospect and a PTBNL to Red Sox for Lee is a sweet deal for the Mets. I, too, like this deal for the Royals. Benintendi has upside ceiling as an AS or above average ball player. You don’t get guys who scored 15 runs in World Series. 26 with two years of team control for two prospects with lots of questions and 2 PTBNL. KC all day!

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    • Best guess? Royals wanted to send Lee to Boston for Benintendi and $. Red Sox didn’t want to send $. So the Royals sent Lee to NYM, they sent the $ to BOS, and BOS sent Beintendi and $ to us for Cordero instead of Lee.


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