Royals Farm Report’s Mid-Season Top 85 Prospects

Before I talk about this list at all, here is the list:

1 Bobby Witt Jr.
2 Asa Lacy
3 Jackson Kowar
4 Daniel Lynch
5 Brady Singer
6 Erick Pena
7 Kris Bubic
8 Khalil Lee
9 Kyle Isbel
10 MJ Melendez
11 Austin Cox
12 Jonathan Bowlan
13 Seuly Matis
14 Nick Loftin
15 Michael Gigliotti
16 Carlos Hernandez
17 Yefri Del Rosario
18 Yohanse Morel
19 Daniel Tillo
20 Brad McConnell
21 Kelvin Gutierrez
22 Alec Marsh
23 Josh Staumont
24 Nick Heath
25 Darryl Collins
26 Kale Emshoff
27 Brewer Hicklen
28 Evan Steele
29 Wilmin Candelario
30 Zach Haake
31 Jeison Guzman
32 Nick Pratto
Vinnie Pasquantino
34 Tucker Bradley
35 Charlie Neuweiler
36 Tyler Zuber
37 Ben Hernandez
38 Gabriel Cancel
39 Tyler Gentry
40 Grant Gavin
41 Erick Mejia
42 Delvin Capellan
Christian Chamberlain
44 Will Klein
45 Scott Blewett
46 Rylan Kaufman
47 Jon Heasley
48 John McMillon
49 Michael Massey
50 Sebastian Rivero
51 Emmanuel Rivera
52 Travis Jones
53 Omar Florentino
54 Grant Gambrell
55 Foster Griffin
56 DJ Burt
57 John Rave
58 Nate Eaton
59 Blake Perkins
60 Gerson Garabito
61 Ofreidy Gomez
Arnaldo Hernandez
63 Yunior Marte
64 Janser Lara
65 Dante Biasi
66 Adrian Alcantara
67 Drew Parrish
Juan Carlos Negret
69 Rubendy Jaquez
70 Andres Stotillet
71 Jose Marquez
72 Clay Dungan
73 Eric Cole
74 JC Cloney
75 Josh Dye
76 Anderson Paulino
77 Anderson Miller
78 Jimmy Govern
79 Marlin Wills
80 Nathan Webb
81 Michael Emodi
Anthony Veneziano
83 Tyler Tolbert
84 Burle Dixon
85 Justin Hooper

Okay, so there’s that. Before you panic, ask any questions, or talk about how stupid lists are, read this:

  1. Lists don’t mean anything. At all. This list especially, because it’s not much different than the one we put out this preseason and there has been zero MiLB games this year. All I did was move a couple guys around and add in the players KC drafted this year plus three undrafted free agents.
  2. I want to reiterate, we haven’t seen a single pitch in MiLB this year. It is impossible to know which prospects will keep their standing during the layoff. It’s honestly best to not pay too much attention to the changes made.
  3. The reason for publishing this list is almost entirely for our record keeping here at RFR. We’re glad to share our opinions with you guys but remember, it’s just our opinion.
  4. The only thing you should really take note of is where we slotted in the players drafted and signed this past June. After a lot of my own digging, I decided to go with Lacy at #2. This kid is unbelievably good. Like…it’s unreal how good I think he’ll wind up being. Also, Kale Emshoff……
  5. Thanks for reading. Truly. I can’t tell you how much it means to all of us to be able to share our love for MiLB with you. I desperately hope we get some kind of fall league so that we can get some kind of reevaluation in before our midseason list next summer.
  6. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Keep fighting the good fight.


Photo Credits: Michael Miller – The Eagle

17 thoughts on “Royals Farm Report’s Mid-Season Top 85 Prospects

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  2. Just nitpicking, but there’s no way Florentino is the best Dominican league prospect.

    At a minimum Candelario is a much superior all-around SS prospect. De la Rosa is are best upside pitching prospect to come through in a few years. And Velario has already been clocked at 101. There’s another half dozen pitching prospects there as well.

    I’d have Candelario and de las Rosa in the top 40 overall, and they could be top 10 system guys within 2 years if they keep developing.


  3. Seems to me that Rito Lugo should easily be in the top twenty but gets overlooked in everyone’s ranking. He pitched every bit as well and was promoted from Lexington to Wilmington right along with Bubic, Bowlan and Cox. In fact in he was outstanding in the Blur Rocks league championship series. The starting pitchers were Lynch, Bubic, Bowlan, Cox and Lugo.

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