2020 Draft Profile: Jake Eder

Eder was a highly sought-after left-handed pitcher coming out of high school who was a potential first round talent, but his commitment to Vanderbilt scared a lot of teams away.  Eder was drafted late, didn’t get an offer he liked, and went to school.  Eder’s draft stock has fallen slightly since his high school days and he probably cost himself some dollars in the long run.  But he got three years of a college education and is on pace to finish up if he decides to do that after he is finished with his baseball career.  

Eder made four starts for Vanderbilt this spring and slotted as their Sunday starter.  Eder gets ahead of guys and can strike them out posting 27 strikeouts in 20.0 innings.  He gave up 1.0 hit per inning and walked just 9.  His walk rate was a little high but I expect him to clean that up going forward.  Eder averaged 5.0 innings per start which is enough to make a pro manager happy.  

Previously as a sophomore, he worked out of the pen making only one start.  Eder is known in Nashville for getting a 3.0 inning save in the College World Series Championship game cementing Vanderbilt the title.  

Eder has a smooth release to his 6’4” frame.  He gets really far down the mound releasing the ball closer to the plate than a normal pitcher.  At times, he has trouble locating the ball down as it tends to float up above the waist.  

Eder worked 90 to 93 in his last start but has been up to 95 in the past.  I don’t think it’s an issue of reduced velocity, I think he is backing off a little to give himself better control.  Eder usually does have really good control locating down and to his arm side easily and consistently.  The fastball has some arm side run but not much.  Eder relies more on his finesse than his power at this point.  

Eder throws a big moving curve ball.  The pitch has 1 to 7 movement from the catcher’s perspective.  It has late movement and can be tough on hitters from both sides of the plate.  

Eder throws a solid change up that has arm side run and sink.  He turns it over well making it deceptive and tough to hit.  

Eder has an above average pick off move.  He disguises it very well and hitters have a hard time reading it.  He does a good job with his back shoulder not showing the move until he is already picking and at that point, if the runner hasn’t used a jab step, he is in big trouble.  Eder also does a really good job with a hang move.  He can lift, read the runner moving on his first movement, and make a quick throw on the money to first.  

Eder is a confident pitcher who shows good body language.  He is usually a no nonsense kind of pitcher who gets back on the rubber quickly and is ready to throw the next pitch before the hitter is ready to hit the next pitch.  Eder really keeps the pace of the game moving and will probably help umpires get good pace of play marks when he starts.  

Eder has a traditional delivery that is really smooth.  He keeps his hands high while he takes his rocker step and lifts his leg.  They don’t move until it is time to start his drive to the plate.  Eder is athletic off the mound and does a good job covering his bunts.  He will get the chance to be a starter in pro ball and should do a good job early as he has an advanced feel for pitching.  Usually lefties with a good feel for change ups do really well in the lower levels.  It’s always the upper levels that separate guys.  We will see what Eder really is once he gets to A+ or AA.  

Eder is a guy who will more than likely be in play at 76 or possibly later.  He is the kind of pitcher the Royals like with an advanced change up who can get hitters out.  They have drafted a lot of guys like him under Dayton Moore’s tenure and will continue to do so in the future.

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Photo from The Coastal Star and was provided by the Vanderbilt Athletics department.

3 thoughts on “2020 Draft Profile: Jake Eder

  1. I’d love to see Eder in play at 76 or later. If KC goes bat with #4, then I see them going heavy college arms like last year. Eder has upside and Vandy has good reputation for producing pitchers. In third round, he has the type of talent I’d like KC to find there!

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    • BA and Keith Law went back-to-back HS bats at 4 and 32. That would be just fine with me. If that is what happens, I’m with you on NCAA 41, 76, and up. Load Pena, McConnell, and BWJ up with some more bats to all move in a Wave together.


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