Royals Add Four to 40-man

The Royals have added Carlos Hernandez, Nick Heath, Foster Griffin, and Jeison Guzman to the teams 40-man roster. The Royals also dropped Arnaldo Hernandez, Jorge Bonifacio, Nick Dini, and Conner Greene from the 40-man roster.

The addition of Nick Heath and Carlos Hernandez was expected. The addition of Foster Griffin isn’t surprising with his adjustments using the new ball at Omaha and his inititive to get better this off season. Adding Jeison Guzman was a surprise but the Royals got burned last year when they didn’t protect Elvis Luciano so it’s not a surprise to see them be overprotective.

Cutting Arnaldo Hernandez was a surprise because he is only 23 and can do some solid things. He struggled to adjust to the new baseball this year and will probably do that somewhere in the near future. The Royals probably figure after his rough season last year no one will be interested in him.  I would like to see him go back to Omaha and keep working, especially out of the pen.

Nick Dini was only up for injury reasons last year so he wasn’t a big surprise.  Conner Greene had some really nice spots but wasn’t consistent last year.  And Jorge Bonifacio just doesn’t seem to fit into this team with all the other outfielders fighting for time at the MLB level.  

Now the scouting for the Rule 5 starts as well as scouring other teams non-tenders for treasures. As always, we will keep you up to date.

Photo taken by Drew Osborne.

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