Minor League Minutes: 8/24/19

2019 Shadow Draft: Part Two

First of all, let’s take a look at my signings.  In real life, 4 of the 16 guys I drafted did not sign.  Bryce Osmond, Jake Rice, Ross Carver, and Spencer Jones did not sign.  Rice was dealing with an injury and didn’t even get drafted.  I drafted Jones in the 15th because I wanted the chance to sign him if I couldn’t get Osmond or Contreras signed.  Contreras ended up signing for $249,000 so I really was off on what it would take to sign him.  Clarke and Edouard signed for almost $500,000 each. I was budgeting about $600,000 for both and ended up at almost $1M.  

Amid struggles, Vallot continues to push forward: Part Three

“I’m a firm believer in God and Jesus,” Vallot said. “I really think that I’m going through this for a reason. Whatever that reason is, I’ll probably never figure out. But I know there’s a bigger meaning behind the struggle from last year (2018), so as of right now, my mental state is unbelievable.”

He also mentioned how his faith has helped him keep things in their proper perspective.

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