Minor League Minutes for 8/16/19: Witt Jr. goes deep, Bubic keeps shoving, Phillips headed to KC

Yesterday was a freaking roller coaster of emotions down on the farm. I don’t even know where to start.

First, read our interview with Royals Assistant GM JJ Picollo on the success of the pitchers on the farm this year.

We had a clear objective to address pitching but as the night unfolded, pitcher after pitcher we liked was available. It was more a product of how the draft unfolded than it was a pre-determined conclusion to just take pitchers. Fortunately for us, quality pitchers who we identified as assets, were available and we were able to benefit from that. We knew over the course of those first two  days our system was instantly better.

In case you needed a reminder, we reported on Wednesday that David Glass may have halted a trade that would have sent Ian Kennedy to Atlanta for LHP Joey Wentz.

Royals fans have every reason to be upset if ownership really shot down this trade offer. The San Francisco Giants were able to move all of Mark Melancon’s contract which came up to roughly $20M, and still acquire two prospects. The Detroit Tigers got rid of all of Shane Greene’s contract, roughly $10M, when dealing with Atlanta, and still got two prospects back.

Okay. Now let’s catch up on last night’s action. Buckle in, there’s a ton.

So, to recap:

  1. Bobby Witt Jr. hit professional HR #1
  2. Kris Bubic threw another complete game with 11 K, this time a shutout
  3. Brett Phillips is headed to KC
  4. Vinnie Pasqualino and Gabriel Cancel both went deep again
  5. Burle Dixon hit for the cycle
  6. Charlie Neuweiler had his first double digit K game since being drafted in 2017

Happy Friday, y’all.


Photo Credits: Ryan Griffith (@ryanrgriffith)

2 thoughts on “Minor League Minutes for 8/16/19: Witt Jr. goes deep, Bubic keeps shoving, Phillips headed to KC

  1. A player who is never mentioned is Jimmy Govern of the AZL Royals. He is hitting .368 while leading the team in home runs, doubles, walks. He is leading the entire league in on-base (.494) and OPS (1.119). Any chance he will move up in the organization?


    • We’ve mentioned him a couple of times.

      He’s a 22-year old college kid playing against 17 and 18-year olds. What he’s doing is impressive, it just doesn’t matter much. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with him next year.


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