Saturday Morning Roll Call: 8/10/19

Team Record Time Starting Pitcher
DSL Royals1 33-23 9:00 AM TBD
DSL Royals2 26-33 9:00 AM TBD
Wilmington Blue Rocks 67-49 5:05 PM Austin Cox
Burlington Royals 29-21 5:30 PM TBD
Lexington Legends 55-61 5:35 PM Charlie Neuweiler
Northwest Arkansas Naturals 46-68 6:05 PM Gerson Garabito
Omaha Storm Chasers 51-66 7:05 PM TBD
Idaho Falls Chukars 24-24 8:00 PM Stephen Ridings
Surprise Royals 23-17 8:00 PM TBD

Who’s Hot?

  • Over his last two games, Gabriel Cancel is 3-6 with a pair of walks and a double, which was his 25th of the season.
  • Since June 30th, Rubendy Jaquez is hitting .308/.384/.408/.792 with a 0.79 BB/K ratio and 129 wRC+ for the Lexington Legends. The 20-year old infielder has 10 XBH and 10 SB over 32 games in that time.
    • z
    • zz
  • Over his last 6 starts, Gerson Garabito has pitched to a 2.81 ERA in 32 IP with 20 K and 10 BB.
  • Brett Phillips, of course, has been scorching hot for the last two-plus months. In 243 PA since May 25th, Phillips is hitting .283/.400/.616/1.016 with a 0.70 BB/K and 136 wRC+. “Maverick” has 29 XBH and 10 SB in that time.
    • phil9
    • phil8
  • Kyle Kasser is having a really good stretch for Wilmington. The MIF out of Oregon is hitting .333/.397/.377/.774 with a 0.75 BB/K and 129 wRC+ since July 14th, spanning nearly 80 PA.


Photo Credit of Austin Cox: Doc Riddle (@TheGrandOldGame)

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