Minor League Minutes for 8/9/19: Kris Bubic’s complete game

Kris Bubic was downright filthy last night.

Nick Dini made his big league debut last night behind home plate for KC against Detroit. Dini finished the game 1-3 with a walk as KC dropped game one of the series, 10-8.

Nick Dini will become the next man in line to be drafted by and make his big league debut for Kansas City in 2019. We’ve already seen Bubba Starling, Richard Lovelady, Kyle Zimmer, Humberto Arteaga, and Nicky Lopez, Frank Schwindel, and now Nick Dini will get his turn.

ICYMI: Check out Doc’s piece on Chase Vallot. Part two should be coming out soon.

Vallot slammed his helmet down in obvious anger and frustration as he passed the dugout, walking toward the clubhouse under his own power. It was only when he was a little less than halfway there that his knees started to buckle, and he clearly would have fallen had assistance not been close by. He was helped the rest of the way, each arm around the shoulder of a Lexington teammate, weaker but still on his feet. Every fan present seemed to be holding their breath.

Photo Credits: Ryan Griffith (@ryanrgriffith)

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