Tuesday Morning Roll Call: 8/6/19

Team Record Time Starting Pitcher
DSL Royals1 32-21 9:30 AM TBD
DSL Royals2 25-30 9:30 AM TBD
Lexington Legends 54-58 10:00 AM Zach Haake
Burlington Royals 26-20 5:30 PM TBD
Wilmington Blue Rocks 64-48 6:00 PM Rito Lugo
Kansas City Royals 40-74 6:10 PM Jakob Junis
Northwest Arkansas Naturals 45-64 7:10 PM Daniel Tillo
AZL Royals 23-14 8:00 PM TBD

That looks a whole lot more organized than our previous format. What do you guys think? This way or the old way?

Who’s Hot?


Photo Credits: Tim Campbell (@BeTheHopeful)

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