Minor League Minutes: 8/6/19

You gotta make sure to check out Doc’s first piece of his three-part series on Chase Vallot.

Vallot slammed his helmet down in obvious anger and frustration as he passed the dugout, walking toward the clubhouse under his own power. It was only when he was a little less than halfway there that his knees started to buckle, and he clearly would have fallen had assistance not been close by. He was helped the rest of the way, each arm around the shoulder of a Lexington teammate, weaker but still on his feet. Every fan present seemed to be holding their breath.

Vallot was rushed to University of Kentucky Hospital’s emergency room, where doctors assessed his condition and took x-rays. Vallot said that he didn’t even remember getting hit; that he simply blacked out for a brief moment.

Drew recaps the week for the NWA Naturals.

Weekly Record: 1-5
Overall Record: 45-64, 14-27 second half
Standings: 4th, 8.5 GB

I wrote up a quick recap on how some of the big prospects at Wilmington are doing. 

2019 Totals:

  • Nick Pratto:

    • .191/.279/.312/.592

    • 8 HR, 16 2B, 1 3B

    • 10.4% BB%, 34.5% K%

    • 71 wRC+


Photo Credits: Joe Robbins – Getty Images

2 thoughts on “Minor League Minutes: 8/6/19

  1. Do we have any reports on reasons why Carlos Hernandez is getting pounded in his rehab starts? He is throwing lots of strikes but being hit hard. Not throwing breaking stuff with much bite? Limited on pitch selection or simply getting back into better command? Any word on Yefri Del Rosario?


    • Think of it like Spring Training. Just working on getting that feel back. Not terribly worried about success yet.

      Del Rosario won’t pitch in the regular season.


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