MLB Debut: Josh Staumont

Staumont was drafted as a hard throwing project out of Azusa Pacific University. Everyone agreed the fastball command needed work and the secondary stuff needed to develop. He was a thrower, not a pitcher. Now, with most of that behind him and much better off speed pitches, Staumont made his MLB debut against the Cleveland Indians in the top of the 11th inning on July 25th.

The first batter he faced was Jake Bauers. His first major league pitch was a fastball at 96 mph that Bauers flied to CF. One batter, one out.

The second batter was Greg Allen. Again, 96 mph for a strike before Staumont showed his big curve at 80 mph for strike two. Viloria called a fastball and the pitch came in at 97 mph and was tapped back to the mound for the second out.

The third batter was Fransico Lindor. Staumont lead him off with the first major league ball he threw, a curve below just the zone. Lindor then grounded a 94 mph fastball through the 3/4 hole for the first hit Staumont gave up in the majors.

Oscar Mercado was next and took a 94 mph fastball for strike one before hitting a ground ball back through the middle for a single.

That brought up Carlos Santana with the game on the line and runners on first and second. The first pitch was a curve for ball one followed by a fastball in. The 2-0 pitch was a fastball for strike one. The next pitch was hit off the plate and seemed like it was in the air forever before coming down to Nicky Lopez who threw it as hard as he could across the infield just barely getting Santana for the third out.

The Royals didn’t score in the bottom of the 11th so Staumont came back out for the 12th. The first pitch of the inning was flied out to center by Mike Freeman.

Jose Ramirez scorched a fastball into right center field for a double. Personally, I felt the ball should of been a single but Hamilton played it into a double because he didn’t take Ramirez’s speed seriously and didn’t get into the ball aggressively with a spin.

Jason Kipnis took a curve for ball one and Yost decided to walk him intentionally to set up a double play.

Roberto Perez was the next hitter. Staumont worked into an 0-2 count. After a curve in and a curve in the dirt, Perez took ball three off the plate. The full count pitch was pulled foul breaking the bat. After a new bat and a short break, Perez coaxed a walk loading the bases.

Jake Bauers came up again and swung through the first pitch. Staumont threw a 94 mph fastball at the knees away to go 0-2. Bauers chased a hard curve in the dirt to become the first major league strikeout for Staumont.

Allen came up a second time and took ball one before Staumont came at him with a 93 mph fastball. Allen hit a can-of-corn flyball to Gordon and Staumont made it through unscathed.

The Royals couldn’t earn the win in the bottom of the inning and Staumont finished his first outing with 2.0 innings pitched, zero runs, 3 hits, 2 walks, and 1 strikeout.

Picture taken from the Fox Sports KC telecast when Staumont was warming up.

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