Minor League Minutes: 7/18/19

Gabriel Cancel is having a heck of a season. Alex has a look at his 2019 season.

What I found after a while is that A-ball is too early to be worried about numbers due to sample size. There’s just way too much variance. The old saying that the jump from A-ball to AA being the toughest is absolutely true, for most players, from a statistical standpoint. I say that because, one of the reasons that I haven’t done any of these this year (before now) is that most everyone worth watching (that hadn’t been written up already) was in A-ball to begin the year. Now that Cancel has 250+ AA PA, and Jackson Kowar and Brady Singer have arrived, we should be able to dig back into these again soon.

Alex also had a chat with Nick Heath about his turn around this season.

Q: You’ve been especially brilliant at the plate over the last month, but have seen general improvements since the beginning of June. Has anything changed for you offensively? Just seeing the ball well?

Nick: “Again my biggest adjustment has been me not taking good pitches to hit. Even if I miss them I think I set my tone for the at bat and for the day. I’ve stood up a little more and let my bat relax on my shoulders so I’m not so tense and locked in before the pitcher has even gotten a sign. I think relaxing more has totally gotten me feeling more comfortable, not getting so stiff before the pitcher moves and me starting my load when he starts to come to the plate has gotten my timing really synced up.”

For the second year in a row the Royals deal Terrance Gore to a contender.

We all need this in our life!


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