Wednesday Morning Roll Call: 7/17/19

Welcome. To those of you who read our site on a daily basis, thank you very much. This is a hobby for us, and we’d probably do it regardless of how many people read this stuff every day, it is rewarding to see people learning from our content and enjoying it as well.

If you read here frequently, you’re probably familiar with our daily “Minor League Minutes” column. It’s basically just a link dump that we use every morning to catch you up with all of “yesterday’s” action. So for instance, when you read yesterday morning’s “Minor League Minutes: 7/16/19“, the goal was to help you catch up on news from 7/15/19.

Now we’re going to introduce you to a new daily article. We’re preliminarily going to call this the “Morning Roll Call”, as I’m sure you read in the title. The goal is to give you information on all of “today’s” games, starting pitchers, and maybe highlight a few hitters who are on hot streaks at the moment. You’ve probably seen us post our “Morning Roll Calls” on Twitter, this should just help us to keep better track of that kind of stuff on the website.

So, without further ado, here’s our first go at our daily slate:

DSL Royals1 @ 9:30 am

DSL Royals2 @ 9:30 am

Lexington Legends @ 12:00 pm

Starting Pitcher: Evan Steele

Who’s Hot?

Chris Hudgins. Over his last 10 games, Hudgins is slashing .308/.364/.564/.928 with 2 HR and 2 doubles. Hudgins has his season OPS up to .925 working mostly as the Legends’ backstop.

Burlington Royals @ 5:30 pm

Starting Pitcher: Noah Murdock

Wilmington Blue Rocks @ 6:00 pm

Starting Pitcher: Kris Bubic

Note: This game, unlike most of Wilmington’s games, will be on because Wilmington will be playing in Winston-Salem.

Northwest Arkansas Naturals @ 6:15 pm

Starting Pitcher: Brady Singer

Who’s Hot?

Omaha Storm Chasers @ 7:00 pm

Starting Pitcher: Jake Kalish

Who’s Hot?

AZL Royals @ 8:00 pm

Who’s Hot?

Idaho Falls Chukars @ 8:15 pm

Starting Pitcher: Alec Marsh


Photo Credits: Ryan Griffith (@ryanrgriffith)

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