Minor League Minutes: 6/25/19

NWA Week in Review: June 17-23

Another winning week for the Naturals but they find themselves already in third place because the Travelers and Drillers both started the second half 5-1.  It’s always tough to be immediately in a hole but with the addition of Jackson Kowar, it should help the Naturals dig out.  Singer and Kowar are now both in Double-A and Naturals fans should be excited to see those guys throw for the remainder of the season.

Interviewing Royals 13th round pick Tyler Tolbert

As always, we do our best to collect as many interviews as possible after the draft to help you guys get to know our newest Royals prospects. It’s been a little slow this year, but Tyler Tolbert, an outfielder from UAB, was kind enough to give us some time to help Royals fans get to know him a bit.

Photo Credits: UAB Baseball

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