Friday Column: Beer and Bat Flips

Hello friends and welcome back to BnBF, our effort to ease you into the weekend. Sit back, relax, and grab an adult beverage. Speaking of…

Josh’s Beer of the Week

Photo courtesy of

Dunkel by KC Bier Co

My 2-year old daughter got me a 6 pack of this for Father’s Day (she’s got a really good fake ID). I’d had it many times before, but this time it tasted different. It tasted like 2AM diaper blowouts, phlegm in the back of a sore throat after catching the same daycare contracted head cold for the 7th consecutive month or when you walk in the door after a tough day and you’re greeted with the best “DADDY!” you’d ever heard. It tasted like responsibility and sacrifice and unconditional love. Somehow, KC Bier Co. has figured out how to bottle that and we are lucky that they did. Go drink it.

Better know a prospect.

I got another opportunity to ask a Royals prospect some ridiculous questions. This time, it was Wilmington outfielder Rudy Martin. Give him a follow on Twitter (@RudyM4rtin)

1. What’s your favorite baseball lingo? (can o corn, ducks on the pond, rippin bags, etc)

Seeing eye single, definitely.”

2. Are ghosts real?

“100% believe ghosts are real.”

3. What’s your go-to adult beverage?

“An occasional glass of wine during offseason.”

4. What’s the most attacking domestic cats you could fend off at once?

“Probably 3-4. Cats are sketchy. They scare me.”

5. What was the last movie you watched and was it better than The Fate of the Furious?

“The last movie I watched was The Intruder. I was disappointed definitely not better than Fate of the Furious.”

3-4 domesticated cats, Rudy? 3-4? Believe in yourself, man. You could definitely take on 10-15 of those furry demon spawn. Maybe you’re on to something though. Each cat has 9 lives. Now we’re talking about 27-36 cats. Holy crap! I might’ve underestimated these little d***heads. Rudy is on to something here…

We are the champions!

Since we last spoke, the Wilmington Blue Rocks and the Lexington Legends both won their first half division titles, securing a playoff spot for each. It’s incredibly encouraging to see that the lower levels of the farm are experiencing that winning culture that the front office talked about during the main club’s contention window. Hopefully there’s something to that.

Could we implement that system into college please? You know how hard I would’ve worked for two years had I known that I could coast for the following two years? I would’ve been 15 minutes early, every day. I’d sit in the front row, actually do the reading (at least skim it), ask questions, and think critically. I’d actually know how the library would be organized more so than how many beers I could drink before breaking the seal (4.5). I’m sure my college experience would have been way different under this system…maybe more like 50-50 sure….OK I’m 30-60 sure that college would’ve gone better in this system.

But back to being champs, is there a better feeling than knowing that you are the best at what you’ve been working for your entire life? I get that they didn’t win the World Series, but they won the highest achievable goal in front of them. That’s a great feeling. Putting my dad cap back on, our household experienced our first “big girl potty” the other day. She called her shot and had great follow through; an 80 grade potty. We’ve produced a pottying 2 year old. Parenting champs! I popped the champagne and started spraying it all over the house, plastic covering be damned, it was time to celebrate. My wife still thinks I overreacted a bit but she was happy too. The three of us were too happy to clean up and now we have ants. Championship ants.

This day in Royals history.

On June 21, 2010, Chris Getz laid down an MLB record 8 sac bunts. The Royals would go on to lose that game 18-1, but the record still stands to this day. Lets raise our Dunkels to that incredibly gritty performance. Cheers.

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