Minor League Minutes: 6/19/19

More thoughts on the Royals MiLB 1st half

Inspired by Alex Duvall’s excellent post yesterday, I’ll toss in a few more names that I feel deserve promotions:
Humberto Arteaga — Artie proved everything he could possibly prove at the AAA level long ago, and in my opinion deserves a shot at a bench role with the Big Boys.
Brett Phillips — We all know he is a plus defender, with a plus-plus arm and plus speed. All he has to do is hit enough. Easier said than done, but he has it in him to be successful at the plate. In his last 2 weeks of play the bat has been consistent, and he is already on the 40-man roster, allowing for a smoother and easier transition.

2018 Draft Class Review: Pitcher Roundup – 6/18/19

There’s no shortage of news and happenings with the first half of the minor league season coming to an end. First half champion playoff spots are being filled, All-Star rosters are intact, and the end of the first half is only the beginning for Idaho Falls and Burlington.






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