Friday Column: Beer and Bat Flips

As everyone knows, all good things come in 3’s: The Godfather trilogy, the number of bones in the human ear, The Three Amigos, and also  the number of decades the Royals went without going to a playoff game. So what is in for Beer & Bat Flips’ third installment? Three quality segments, all of which contain elements of ‘3.’ First off, the beer recommendation:

Seth’s beer recommendation of the week: Natural Ice, “The Big One

In my experience, there is no feeling more emotionally intoxicating than walking out of a liquor store after buying alcohol with some ID that doesn’t even have your face on it while carrying four 25-oz cans of 5.9% jet fuel. That is exactly what it is, too: jet fuel ready to explosively propel you to a night of regrets and pain. As I said, all good things come in threes, and with that, this monstrosity of a can contains 3 servings of alcohol, every part of which you can taste with each drink. While it honestly just tastes like Natural Light with cheap vodka poured in it, the last sip frankly just tastes like straight vodka.

If you’re drinking as a responsible adult with your responsible friends: 2/10

If you’re a jacka** and trying to get drunk in a very trashy manor: 7/10

Overall: high quality brew.

Meet your writer: Seth Wingerter

After operating under the alias @platinombrero (shameless plug, definitely DO NOT go follow me), there is a lot about me that many people do not know, so here are 3 questions that you can get to better know me.

  • Why do you write about baseball?

My grandfather and statistics. My grandfather instilled the love of the game in me from my earliest memories, as I distinctly remember sitting in the outfield seats of the old Kauffman Stadium in scalding hot seats. It was miserable, but incredible at the same time. Further, being the math guy I am, the quantity of data that baseball has available as well as the statistical community that has been built is unparalleled. There is an inherent drive in every fan to find what the true value of a player really is, and it isn’t always necessarily based on HRs and RBIs, but also WAR and wRC+. The amount of statistical analysis is endless, and that’s what makes the game beautiful in my eyes.

  • When did you realize that your playing career was over?

I was a pretty fat kid growing up, but I could hit. My personal claim to fame is that I struck out once between my 5th and 6th grade seasons, but as I continued to advance to higher levels, it looked less and less like I had an 80 grade hit tool. With a 20 grade speed tool and a 30 grade fielding tool and a pretty wild arm, along with the prospect of me going through conditioning to play high school baseball, I opted for my other primary sport: golf.

  • What is the dumbest injury you have ever sustained?

I have had plenty of dumb injuries ranging from alcohol poisoning to bone bruises caused by celebrating drinking game wins, but none compare to a self-inflicted injury like last spring. Coming home from a good night on the town, drunken me decided to make a grand entrance to the common room in our house, throwing wide open the door. Unfortunately, the door did not open all the way and proceeded to hit me in the face causing blood to stream down my face within 15 seconds. Within hours, I was in the hospital, lying to the doctor about how I definitely did not open a door into my own face, and getting six stitches just above my eyebrow.


  1. Nick Heath

While speed alone is not necessarily gritty, what Nick Heath is doing in the Royals farm system is insane. At 38 SB this season, Heath is running like an absolute madman, and his sheer aggression and eagerness is quite admirable. It takes true grit to be able to continually run on opponents like that, showing that you are not afraid to steal every base and exert every ounce of effort to get the NWA Naturals closer to a win.

2. Travis Jones

Travis Jones, the NWA 1B, has shown his ability to defy positional stereotypes and steal 15 bases while hitting just 3 HRs. Grit is embodied by those who are not afraid to defy consensus in the pursuit of how the game was truly meant to be played, and the game was meant to be played by pure athletes who are out there grinding every day. Travis Jones is a bit of a utility man himself, unafraid to field all positions when needed because he is flexible and willing to help his team win.

3. Humberto Arteaga

With just a 3.7% BB rate, Arteaga has shown his desire to put that bat on the ball, and with just an 11.6% K rate, he shows he is pretty good at it. Arteaga maintains a high AVG which is absolutely critical in maintain high levels of grit, because everyone knows the most humiliating moment for a self-described ‘gritty’ player is walking shamefully back to the dugout after an unproductive out. As for defense, Arteaga can play and does play practically every position, showing extremely impressive versatility. Arteaga is the player I personally wish I could have been, but unfortunately I was fat and quit baseball in 8th grade.

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Photo Credit: Natural Light

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