Minor League Minutes: 6/10/19

Khalil Lee has found his “boomstick.” 

That .250 ISO in the month of June is a welcoming site. Lee has also been running wild on opposing batteries, and now the power has come back in a big way. This is the Khalil Lee that we had ranked as the Royals #1 overall prospect last season. This is the Khalil Lee that has a chance to be a fixture in the Royals lineup for a long time.

The Royals have agreed to a full-slot deal with #2 overall pick Bobby Witt Jr.

Less than a week ago, on Monday, June 3rd, the Royals took Bobby Witt, Jr. with the second overall pick of the 2019 MLB Draft.  He has officially agreed to sign with the Royals at full slot value, for a total of $7,789,900.

They also agreed to a deal with 5th round pick John Rave.

Gabriel Cancel took a pitch off of his face, but appears to have avoided any serious injuries.

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