Minor League Minutes: 6/6/2019

Here is how Seth graded Day 1 of the Royals draft.

In combination with a very solid guy at the top who was the obvious pick, I would grade the Royals draft as average, giving them a grade of B.

Marcus has some thoughts on why Brady McConnell was a brilliant selections.

For a while, people wondered if he might go top-3 after a blazing hot start to his junior year. He ended up hitting .350/.497/.717 as a junior to secure his place in the top-5.

Alex breaks down 3rd selection Alec Marsh.

Marsh’s fastball currently sits in the low-90’s, but I think there’s reasonable enough room for projection in his arm that he could be a 93-95 guy some day.

Tucker has a look back at the weeks that was for the Omaha Storm Chasers.

Stats & Standings

The Storm Chasers scored 35 runs this week and worked a run differential of +2 in the seven games played.

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