This post comes with a bittersweet feeling. Jumping straight into things, this will in all likelihood be my last post at Royals Farm Report. A new opportunity has arisen for me in the world of baseball. Starting soon, I will be diving deep into an analytics position with the baseball team at Kansas State University. Due to time and commitment being factors, I will no longer be able to put work into this site.

Back in June of 2017, I had an idea and a goal. I wanted to supply Royals Twitter with a hub for all things Royals minor leagues, supplementing to the already great writers that occupied that platform. The Twitter account quickly grew into a website, followed shortly by someone asking to help out with my account that had 50-something followers and my website that was getting dozens of views a day. The person who asked was a former co-writer of mine, Alex Duvall. Once he joined, both the website and account took off. Him putting a large workload into it made me more motivated to put a large workload of my own into it. Within months, the website was consistently hitting thousand-plus views a day, along with consuming a large Twitter following. There was a clear correlation here. Royals Farm Report would be nowhere near the level it is today without the help of Alex.

After Alex joined, we put together a writing staff. Throughout the past two years, a handful of great writers have contributed to this website and without them, our level of production would be nothing compared to what we’ve done. Just to name some: Paul York, Drake Downing, Drew Osborne, Joel Penfield, Marcus Meade, Joshua Payton, along with many others.

Filling my role will be Nick Vitolano (@nvitolano), a recent addition to our site. Nick has helped us out in many ways, providing us coverage in Wilmington, helping us out with site design, our e-book, etc. I’m very excited to see what Nick will bring to the table in the future, as should all of you.

This post just isn’t a farewell though. There’s a new calling for positions at this website. All the people that have put into work to this have built something great and I want that to continue. I can’t promise how many positions we’ll fill without knowing the number of applicants, but I encourage anyone and everyone interested to apply. No writing experience is required, just as long as you have general information about the Royals/minor league baseball and can put together coherent sentences, we’ll want you. Here are the following positions and their responsibilities.


  • Helping out with editing a few posts a week
  • Writing a few posts a week
  • Assisting in big-picture decisions with Alex and Nick
  • Helping Alex and Nick organize the scheduling of posts


  • Writing at least 1-2 posts a month
  • Assisting with website coverage of the MLB Draft, trades, signings, Spring Training, etc.

My last responsibility at Royals Farm Report will be assisting Alex and Nick in the application process. Please send any applications to, detailing your interest and qualifications in a few sentences.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Thanks for all your good work, Patrick, and congrats on your new position! My daughter is a KSU alum so I have a soft spot for the Wildcats. Good luck!

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