Taking a look at Baseball America’s list of top 30 Royals prospects

ICYMI: You can check out our breakdown of MLB Pipeline’s list of top 30 Royals prospects here.

Like I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, these lists are hardly scientific. It’s supposed to be fun and shouldn’t be judged too critically. I do enjoy, however, comparing lists to each other to get a gauge on how different publications view the Royals farm system.

Before we get into the breakdown itself, here’s a look at how MLB Pipeline and Baseball America rated their top 30 Royals prospects, in comparison to our list here at Royals Farm Report.

MLB Pipeline Royals Farm Baseball America
1. Brady Singer 1. MJ Melendez 1. Brady Singer
2. Khalil Lee 2. Brady Singer 2. Khalil Lee
3. MJ Melendez 3. Daniel Lynch 3. Daniel Lynch
4. Daniel Lynch 4. Khalil Lee 4. Jackson Kowar
5. Nick Pratto 5. Nicky Lopez 5. Nicky Lopez
6. Seuly Matias 6. Jackson Kowar 6. MJ Melendez
7. Jackson Kowar 7. Seuly Matias 7. Nick Pratto
8. Nicky Lopez 8. Nick Pratto 8. Seuly Matias
9. Kris Bubic 9. Michael Gigliotti 9. Kyle Isbel
10. Kyle Isbel 10. Yefri Del Rosario 10. Kris Bubic
11. Carlos Hernandez 11. Kyle Isbel 11. Yefri Del Rosario
12. Yefri Del Rosario 12. Richard Lovelady 12. Kelvin Gutierrez
13. Michael Gigliotti 13. Arnaldo Hernandez 13. Sam McWilliams
14. Kelvin Gutierrez 14. Austin Cox 14. Meibrys Viloria
15. Scott Blewett 15. Carlos Hernandez 15. Scott Blewett
16. Richard Lovelady 16. Kris Bubic 16. Austin Cox
17. Brewer Hicklen 17. Gabriel Cancel 17. Richard Lovelady
18. Emmanuel Rivera 18. Brewer Hicklen 18. Carlos Hernandez
19. Meibrys Viloria 19. Sam McWilliams 19. Yohanse Morel
20. Yohanse Morel 20. Josh Staumont 20. Brewer Hicklen
21. Josh Staumont 21. Yohanse Morel 21. Gerson Garabito
22. Austin Cox 22. Meibrys Viloria 22. Emmanuel Rivera
23. Blake Perkins 23. Blake Perkins 23. Zach Haake
24. Sam McWilliams 24. Charlie Neuweiler 24. Josh Staumont
25. Jeison Guzman 25. Kelvin Gutierrez 25. Rylan Kaufman
26. Daniel Tillo 26. Scott Blewett 26. Blake Perkins
27. Arnaldo Hernandez 27. Daniel Tillo 27. Michael Gigliotti
28. Sebastian Rivero 28. Jeison Guzman 28. Arnaldo Hernandez
29. Gerson Garabito 29. Nick Heath 29. Kort Peterson
30. Jonathan Bowlan 30. Emmanuel Rivera 30. Foster Griffin

Next time you’re trying to decide which publication to trust the most, go ahead and glance through these lists. MJ Melendez at 6? Come on.

Outside of that obvious blunder, here are some more of my thoughts regarding Baseball America’s top 30 Royals prospects list.

  1. Chalk me up as a hater if you want, but I’m not getting the Gerson Garabito love. As a 22-year old in High-A last year, Garabito had the first 100+ inning year of his professional career. He’s been in the system since 2013. He’s not very big, he doesn’t strike out many hitters, and his BB/9 was over 4.5 in 2018. His only good seasons in terms of ERA have been on the backs of ridiculously low and unsustainable BABIPs. I like the kid, and I’m glad the Royals have him in the system, but I can’t justify him being in the top 30. 
  2. I love BA’s aggressiveness with Rylan Kaufman. I had him at #26 on my personal top 45 list, and I think MLB Pipeline is gonna wish they had him on their top 30 by June. Kaufman was an 18-year old last year despite having pitched at San Jacinto CC, and pitching well. He’s got a good fastball from the left side and his curveball is Charlie Neuweiler nasty.
  3. I am pleasantly surprised that both MLB Pipeline and Baseball America had Yohanse Morel ranked higher than we did. I personally had him at 15…but I’ll excuse the ineptness of my peers. All jokes aside, Royals fans should be REALLY excited for Morel’s future. If you saw our videos on Periscope from Spring Training, Morel was throwing bullpens with the likes of Del Rosario, Singer, Kowar, and Daniel Lynch, hinting at the fact that the Royals must really like the kid.
  4. Baseball America’s aggressiveness with Zach Haake is interesting. They do have him right there with Josh Staumont, and the two are a lot alike, but having Haake ahead of Staumont must mean that BA likes Haake’s stuff better, as they’re both almost solely relievers. Having better stuff than Josh Staumont is rare, and, apparently, Haake must be close.
  5. I think MLB Pipeline is gonna wish they had Nicky Lopez higher on their list as well. The kid is good. I actually had him at 8 also, but I’m glad we decided to go with him at 5 at the site. I am really excited at the prospect of seeing Lopez in Kansas City this season, and Baseball America most certainly is going to look good for having him top 5.

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One thought on “Taking a look at Baseball America’s list of top 30 Royals prospects

  1. Good summary of the 3 lists.
    Interesting that BA had Gigliotti at 27 while RFR and BA had him in Top 13. BA must have taken the injury way too seriously.
    Scott Blewett another with big disparity with BA and MLBP both at 15 and RFR at 26. Maybe they placed more emphasis on his AZ Fall League results.
    Finally, I like that Griffin made BA’s list. I think he would have been a whole lot better last year if Royals had moved him up to AAA instead of “demoting” him back to AA due to DDD signings that blocked several Royals pitching prospects for the year.

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