Catching Up with Ethan Chapman: Former Royals Minor Leaguer Transitions To Player Agent

Royals Farm Report has always been about providing access to all things Royals.  Whether it be to the front office, scouts, current and former players, we strive to break down barriers and deliver new information and analysis directly to Royals Farm Report readers.  That is why our interview with Ethan Chapman is exciting.  Ethan has a unique perspective as a former Royals minor league player and now, as a current amateur adviser and future MLB Certified agent.

You may remember Ethan Chapman as the former Royals professional drafted in the 30th Round of the 2012 draft as an outfielder out of Cal State University – San Bernardino.  Ethan Chapman found success with the Royals, spending all of 2014 and part of 2015 with the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.  You can find his collegiate and professional statistics here.  For those of us that saw Ethan play, we witnessed the leadership, integrity, work ethic, and perseverance of a professional player giving his all every day.  He is bringing these same personal attributes to his new new career as a player agent with Full Circle Sports Management, a full service baseball agency out of California, that represents a few players in the Royals organization.

Here is the interview, we hope you enjoy:

Ethan, it is great to connect you with our Royals Farm Report readers. You were a 30th round draft pick by the Royals in the 2012 draft.  Tell us a little about your experience being drafted and what it was like to be player in the Royals organization.

Being drafted was a dream come true for me. My whole life I wanted to play professional baseball and the Royals game me that chance. The Royals organization is first class. They treat all their players right, they care about the player as a whole not just what they can do on the baseball field.

Any highlights as a player you would like to share?

One of my biggest career highlights came in a Big League Spring Training game in 2015. After scoring a run, I got to sit on the bench in between George Brett and Mike Sweeney and just share in some conversation with them. Their knowledge and love for the game is amazing to be around.

You played with a few players that made the big leagues. One that jumps out is Jason Adam, whom Royals Farm Report rooted for last year as he made a return from injury.  What was it like watching Jason Adam make such an amazing comeback and pitch in the big leagues?

Jason and his wife are good friends with my wife and I. They are amazing people and we truly value their friendship. I am so happy that he was able to overcome injury and setbacks to get to the big leagues. He has the talent to be in the big leagues for a long time. I am proud of all my teammates that have gone on to accomplish their goals and are enjoying success the Big Leagues.

You’re still around baseball, making a transition from professional player to a Regional Director for Full Circle Sports Managements. Tell us a little about your transition and what you are doing now.

I love that I still get to be involved with baseball. Transitioning from being a player to being an agent was fairly simple given my love of the game and desire to help others fulfill their goals. Full Circle welcomed me to the industry with open arms and I have really enjoyed learning from some of the best in the business. I am really proud of the culture and character that we embrace at Full Circle.

My understanding is Full Circle represents a few guys that are in the Royals system. Do you mind sharing who they are?

Full Circle Sports Management represents 4 players with the Royals:

  1. Tyler Zuber
  2. Holden Capps
  3. DJ Burt
  4. Charlie Neuweiler

We are really excited to represent such a talented group with the Royals, they are poised for great seasons this year!

Do you mind sharing how Full Circle Sports Management advocates for your players? How does your relationships from being a player in the Royals organization help you?

I think that FCSM offers clients a unique client experience. The firm is small enough that they have meaningful relationships with our clients and their families but large and experienced enough to have helped many clients through the arbitration and free agency process . We love working with players that share in our work ethic, character and core values. I believe that my recent experience in pro ball allows me to relate to clients  about what they are going through on a daily basis. They know that I’ve been there and that it wasn’t that long ago that I shared in their same aspirations and experiences. Everyone at FCSM has a different background and expertise and we all work together to provide the best experience to our clients.  We work together like a family and have an immense amount of trust in each other.

Thank you for your time! We wish you great success!  Anything else you would like to share with Royals Farm Report readers?

Thank you for your time, excited for the upcoming season.

Royals fans looking to follow Ethan Chapman can do so at @EthanMChapman.



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