Two Guys From the 2018 Draft I’m Watching This Season

Here are two pitchers from the 2018 Draft I’m going to be keeping an eye on early this spring after the minor league guys report.  

Austin Cox was the Royals fifth round pick and he isn’t really an under-the-radar type of guy because of his high selection, but he is overshadowed by all the other pitchers selected ahead of him.  I wrote about him after speaking with his pitching coach the day he was drafted. He is definitely a type of person the Royals like. He has high character, doesn’t need to be motivated, and is a natural leader.  

I think Cox’s talent was higher than a 5th round pick.  I really think he should have been a first day selection with his 6’4” frame and low 90’s fastball that can reach 96.  The pitch that sets him apart is his double-plus power curve. I think Cox will really dominate this summer and move as a starter quickly pushing some other guys ahead of him along the way.  

Christian Cosby was in his first full season as a pitcher from Chapman University and selected in the 14th round by the Royals.  He has the pitchers height at 6’5” and throws in the mid-90s. Scouts feel that as he continues to pitch and learn to use his body, he will be a 100+ guy soon.  Cosby pitched in 13 games for the Royals in Arizona last summer and posted a 9.61 K/9 while only allowing 3.2 BB/9. I think he can be a fast mover in the bullpen for the Royals affiliates this summer.  

Let me know who you are going to be watching this summer in the comments or at @RoyalsFarm and @AwzRocks.

4 thoughts on “Two Guys From the 2018 Draft I’m Watching This Season

  1. I am going to watch the young outfielders to see who the best prospects are: Perkins, Isbel, Hicklen, Matias, Gigliotti, Cole, Martin. Also interested in seeing Nathan Eaton. He has been getting work in at both 3B and 2B thus far. Looks more like a 2nd baseman if the agility is there.
    When the minor league games begin, I will be watch to see what pitchers stand out.

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