Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Jackson Kowar

Alex is currently crushing on Brady Singer.  Drake is infatuated (and has been for some time) with Daniel Lynch.  Jackson Kowar is the forgotten man right now.  And to follow up that theme, I “forgot” about Kowar on Valentine’s Day.

Jackson Kowar is the guy you aren’t hearing about right now when people talk about the “Big 3”.  Singer is getting love by making it into some Top 100 lists and Lynch had an awesome start to the season so he has some secret admirers out there.  The Royals brass even have noticed Lynch and kicked around the idea of starting him in NWA he was so good last year.  That would be a giant teddy bear type of gift for him to lug around and cuddle.  But we can’t forget about Jackson Kowar.

Kowar started 9 games last season for Lexington.  He was rated the third best prospect in the Royals system by Baseball America immediately following the draft and as possessing  the best change up in the system.  BA has him 4th currently at the end of the season and we had him 6th in our prospect rankings.

Kowar has potential to add velocity in his frame as he is still a young 22 and only 180 pounds.  He is tall and leverages very well.  The fastball is low-90s to mid-90s and can sometimes be high-90s.  The change up is elite.  The slider is plus.

With an above average fastball that should get better, and two more plus pitches, the Royals have something very special in Kowar.  He should be getting personalized cards that sing to him, red roses, Shari’s Berries, and not just the generic Valentine’s my 6-year-old handed out yesterday.

Kowar should not, and will not be, the forgotten Valentine next year.

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