My personal top 45 Royals prospect rankings

We finally got through our top 75 Royals prospect ranking list here at Royals Farm. Now that the aggregate list is out, I wanted to release to you guys how I voted. I want to start by addressing a couple of things:

1.) These lists are supposed to be fun. If I actually worked for the Royals they might matter, because they actually have to manage their talent. But I don’t, so just enjoy the opinion and let it create some good discussion about the system, not animosity.

2.) I saw a few people online that were literally calling out prospect sites for “hiding behind aggregate lists.” I mean…what ever. If it means that much to you, that you become angry at bloggers for their opinion, you really need to find a new hobby.

Without further ado, here is my personal Royals prospect ranking, broken down into tiers that I’ll explain after the list.

Tier 1
1. MJ Melendez – 60 FV
2. Jackson Kowar – 55 FV
3. Daniel Lynch – 55 FV
4. Brady Singer – 55 FV
5. Khalil Lee – 50/55 FV
6. Yefri Del Rosario – 50/55 FV
7. Michael Gigliotti – 50 FV
8. Nicky Lopez – 50 FV
9. Nick Pratto – 50 FV
10. Seuly Matias – 50 FV
11. Richard Lovelady – 50 FV
12. Kyle Isbel – 50 FV
Tier 2
13. Gabriel Cancel – 45 FV
14. Sam McWilliams – 45 FV
15. Yohanse Morel – 45 FV
16. Carlos Hernandez – 45 FV
17. Austin Cox – 45 FV
18. Charlie Neuweiler – 40/45 FV
19. Blake Perkins – 40/45 FV
20. Josh Staumont – 40/45 FV
21. Kris Bubic – 40/45 FV
22. Meibrys Viloria – 40/45 FV
23. Daniel Tillo – 40 FV/45 FV
24. Delvin Capellan – 40/45 FV
Tier 3
25. Brewer Hicklen
26. Rylan Kaufman
27. Jeison Guzman
28. Arnaldo Hernandez
29. Rubendy Jaquez
30. Kelvin Gutierrez
31. Juan Carlos Negret
32. Scott Blewett
33. Emmanuel Rivera
34. Nick Heath
35. DJ Burt
36. Grant Gavin
37. Sebastian Rivero
38. Janser Lara
39. Andres Sotillet
40. Jose Marquez
Tier 4
41. Kyle Zimmer
42. Samir Duenez
43. Jonathan Bowlan
44. Xavier Fernandez
45. Anderson Miller

One thing that I want to lead off with is that beyond my personal top 45, I consider everyone else on our top 75 a 35 FV wild card. Meaning they’re worth keeping an eye on, but probably nothing substantial in terms of prospect value. There are certainly guys I like that I left off, Trevor Oaks, David Hollie, Kyle Kasser, that simply have too much to prove for me to fall in love with.

My tiers are pretty simple.

  • Tier 1: Players are either currently a 55-60 FV (in my opinion) or a 50 FV that I think can grow into a 55 FV.
  • Tier 2: Players are either currently a 45 FV or capable of reaching that 45 FV mark.
  • Tier 3: 40 FV with the potential to grow into 45 FV with some semi-substantial improvement.
  • Tier 4: Probably never grows out of a 40 FV.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the 20-80 scale, here is a great article over at FanGraphs that explains the 20-80 scale. FV simply stands for “Future Value.” The Royals don’t currently have any prospects worthy of a 65 FV grade (for example, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. only received a 70 FV grade at MLB Pipeline), but I did give MJ Melendez the organization’s only 60 FV grade.

There are going to be plenty of folks that say I am overly optimistic about this Royals system, giving 12 players at least a 50 FV grade and Melendez a 60 FV. To that I say, yes I am. I am in love with the improvements that this system has made and I think it’s the single most underrated system in all of baseball.

I expect every single prospect in my first tier to contribute at the big league level in some capacity. The Royals have done an amazing job creating very high, very safe floors amongst their position players by growing elite defenders and excellent base runners. Alex Gordon, Adalberto Mondesi, Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez, Whit Merrifield, Nicky Lopez, are all excellent examples of this method. I firmly believe that Kyle Isbel, Michael Gigliotti, Nick Pratto, Khalil Lee, and Nicky Lopez are going to be starters for the Royals for years, as they’ll follow the Royals mold of that plus-defense, plus-runner, hit just enough to be extremely valuable in the future.

On the pitching side of things, I think the Royals have finally turned the corner. They loaded up on college arms and totally avoided prep arms that have been disastrous for them in the past. I think Jackson Kowar is going to be a monster, and Lynch and Singer have floors that might be better than back-of-the-rotation. I am so excited about this Royals system, and it’s only a matter of time until the national media is put on notice.


Photo Credits: PLPhoto2015 (@PPhoto2015)

5 thoughts on “My personal top 45 Royals prospect rankings

  1. I think next year the royals are going to have between 6 to 8 top 100 guys recognized nationally so im with you on the farm system. Its amazing to me how melendez is so disregarded nationally, as well as in royals circles as well. If he is even half as good defensively as advertised, he has some serious bat speed, as well as athleticism that should make him a star, maybe even better than salvy.
    So keep on man, dont let them get you down and start working on your article for next year titled, why i was so right about the royals farm system.😈

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