2019 Royals Farm Report top 75* prospects

Just wanted to give you all a place to view our top 75 (what really wound up being 78) Royals prospects all in one place. Based on the way our advertisements work, I’d of course appreciate it if you clicked on each article individually, but for the sake of simplicity, this should help. You can get all of the individual write ups using the links listed below. Thanks for reading!


  1. MJ Melendez
  2. Brady Singer
  3. Daniel Lynch
  4. Khalil Lee
  5. Nicky Lopez
  6. Jackson Kowar
  7. Seuly Matias
  8. Nick Pratto
  9. Michael Gigliotti
  10. Yefri Del Rosario
  11. Kyle Isbel
  12. Richard Lovelady
  13. Arnaldo Hernandez
  14. Austin Cox
  15. Carlos Hernandez
  16. Kris Bubic
  17. Gabriel Cancel
  18. Brewer Hicklen
  19. Sam McWilliams
  20. Josh Staumont
  21. Yohanse Morel
  22. Meibrys Viloria
  23. Blake Perkins
  24. Charlie Neuweiler
  25. Kelvin Gutierrez
  26. Scott Blewett
  27. Daniel Tillo
  28. Jeison Guzman
  29. Nick Heath
  30. Emmanuel Rivera
  31. Delvin Capellan
  32. Rudy Martin
  33. Kyle Zimmer
  34. Rylan Kaufman
  35. Samir Duenez
  36. Xavier Fernandez
  37. Scott Barlow
  38. DJ Burt
  39. Ofreidy Gomez
  40. Trevor Oaks
  41. Sebastian Rivero
  42. Rubendy Jaquez
  43. Grant Gavin
  44. Juan Carlos Negret
  45. Andres Sotillet
  46. Jose Marquez
  47. Janser Lara
  48. Travis Jones
  49. Yunior Marte
  50. Jonathan Bowlan
  51. Jecksson Flores
  52. Humberto Arteaga
  53. Tyler Zuber
  54. Jackson Lueck
  55. Pedro Fernandez
  56. Kort Peterson
  57. Conner Greene
  58. Evan Steele
  59. Chris Ellis
  60. Gerson Garabito
  61. Erick Mejia
  62. Elier Hernandez
  63. Anderson Miller
  64. Donnie Dewees Jr.
  65. Walker Sheller
  66. Foster Griffin
  67. Frank Schwindel
  68. Kevin Lenik
  69. Bubba Starling
  70. Cristian Castillo
  71. Emilio Ogando
  72. David Hollie
  73. Gabe Speier
  74. Michael Emodi
  75. Nolan Watson
  76. Chase Vallot
  77. Holden Capps
  78. Marten Gasparini

Photo Credits: PLPhoto2015 (@PPhoto2015)


5 thoughts on “2019 Royals Farm Report top 75* prospects

  1. Hard to say an omission when you go 78. But, Cal Jones is an interesting omission. He may not have Gasparini’s speed, but is younger and was a league average hitter at Lexington. Also, Jones looks like a good future case for David Hollie.

    I don’t see a ton of separation between Rivero and Melendez, but one is #1 and the other is #41.

    Have you heard any rumors that Pedro Fernandez will actually sign with the Royals? He was still a minor league free agent the last I looked.


    • So, re: Pedro, I think he was still part of the org when we voted and then I just assumed he would re-sign. I have no idea what’s going on there.

      Nick Dini, Nate Eaton, Cal Jones, Manny Olloque, Eric Cole, all barely missed.


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