2019 Royal Resolutions

Everyone has a resolution or two they have thought about for the new year. Some even have intentions of following through on theirs. In the spirit of resolutions I have written a few for the Royals.

  1. Let the young guys play. This is the same as I had last year at the number one spot. But we spent half the season letting castoff veterans play positions and not letting the young guys get any experience. And then at the end of the season, when the young guys all came up and we moved the wasted spots from the roster, we played well going 23-22 over the last 45. Not really a surprise to us at Royals Farm, but might have been to the baseball community as a whole. Specifically, let Mondesi and O’Hearn play without fear of the bench.
  2. Strike out less. If you take the group of Lee, Matias, Melendez, and Pratto, they struck out 527 times in 432 games. I know those guys have some pop and can put up big numbers on offense, but the Red Sox won a World Series based on putting the ball in play and not striking out. So did the 2015 Royals. We need pop but we need more contact. Look at Nicky Lopez who struck out 52 times in 130 games while also walking 60 times.
  3. Let the pitchers develop. We have a very good group of starting pitchers coming up the ranks. I know that there is the desire to rush guys like Singer, Kowar, and Lynch, but we really need to let them get some time in the pro game. I don’t think they need to be down until they are Rule 5 eligible, but they need some time in the minors to mature and adjust to the pro game. Let them have success. As a NWA season ticket holder, I want them all to start in double-A, but that isn’t what is best for their development.
  4. Keep the positional wave together. The Royals built their 2015 World Series team through The Process. Part of that process was allowing the guys to play for championships together. They didn’t promote guys without the others being right behind them. I would love to see the Royals keep this wave together. This wave to me is Pratto, Melendez, Gigliotti, Guzman, and Hicklen. Just ahead of them are Lee, Viloria, Rivera, Burt, Xavier Fernandez, and Perkins. Isbell could probably move up into the back end of this wave as well. The pitchers have a couple waves of their own.
  5. Keep McWilliams and Ellis on the roster. The Royals need to find a way to keep both Rule 5 selections on the roster. Although they did that last year, they realized Burch Smith might not be ready for every day in the majors. That being said, he is on Omaha’s roster so they found a way to keep him in the organization.
  6. Spend all $5,504,500 of their international slot money. That’s a lot of money. It would be awesome to see some big name international signings this July. Nothing but good things can happen when you load a system up with international money. There are some teams around the majors who are reaping the rewards of this right now.
  7. Keep Singer, Kowar, Lynch, and possibly Bubic together. I would love to see the Royals move this group of four together as much as possible. I know that isn’t really as feasible because you can’t just move four starters at a time, but promote when you are able to move all within a month or two. Bubic is probably the guy slightly behind in this group, but I think they will all benefit from working together and competing against each other within their teams.
  8. Find your third baseman of the future. Whether that is a draft pick, a trade, or someone that really takes some steps forward, let’s find our third baseman for the future. Maybe we already have that player in the majors in Dozier or Cuthbert. There is also a chance it is Kelvin Gutierrez who came over last year. Or maybe we take that player at number two overall.
  9. Don’t waste time with other team’s castoffs. This is a tough one for the Royals front office. Rosell Herrera, Enny Romero, Jerry Vasto, Ryan Goins, just to name a few. Let Nicky Lopez, Josh Staumont, or Richard Lovelady fill those voids.
  10. Make the playoffs with four teams. Competing for championships is the name of the game. Let’s compete with Omaha, NWA, Wilmington, and Lexington. We have waves of talent on all of those teams. I want to see them all competing for a playoff spot.

Hopefully we can all make 2019 a better year than 2018. May you have a blessed 2019. Let me know what you think the Royals Resolutions should be on twitter @RoyalsFarm.

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6 thoughts on “2019 Royal Resolutions

  1. This is a great read on New Year’s Day! Agree about not bringing in low-ceiling castoffs, but if Royals have a gap on the roster, there is nothing wrong with giving some ABs or innings to guys who may be flippable at the trade deadline. This is a fine line, obviously.

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    • Christopher,

      I agree on the flippable guys. Most of the time though, we dont go get those guys. You always need projects like Buccholz, Minor, and Madson. But not the Romero and Vasto types. If it is a case of pretty even players, give our in house guys the shot.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. Excellent writing, Drew. I agree with all 10 resolutions. Have been duly frustrated with Royals front office last two years because they keep putting faith in other team’s cast offs over their own farm system.
    Right now they have major road blocks at MLB/AAA level at pitcher, catcher and outfield. My fear is will see another long line of waiver claims/signings this spring and summer that will only exacerbate that list..
    Have to believe it is frustrating for many Royals prospects who toil away in upper minors waiting for a chance to prove their worth only to read the baseball transactions page and see yet another player brought in over top of them. I am tired of Dayton’s oft used statement that don’t want to rush players. Guess it is better to let them stagnate in minors than to keep them challenged to improve.
    There are more Whits and Ryans out there if they can just get a chance.

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  3. Drew, great read! they are all resolutions that make sense for Royal Blue to be great again and again. Lets add a couple:
    1) Return to defensive superiority — shorten every game by taking away an out or 2
    2) Establish a best in class bullpen — sorry but Peralta ain’t it. He is maybe the 7th or 8th inning guy in a good pen. I like moving Duffy to the pen over Kennedy and (everyone will think I am crazy for this one) I would look at Junis there. He has 1 plus plus pitch, his slider, everything else is average at best. If his command isn’t pinpoint, he gets shelled. In the pen, he could pitch off his slider, wear them out with his slider.

    Finally, the best resolution is for 4 of the MILB teams to make the playoffs. I think that it should be a goal for every season that at least 3 make it and either your A High or A Low team should make it every year. A close second goes to spending the full international slot money. The Yanks and the Dodgers have focused there for years and their systems remain strong in spite of poor draft positions.

    Thanks again, only 44 more days till pitchers and catchers report!

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