Potential Rule 5 Draft Target: Trevor Clifton

The annual Rule 5 Draft takes place this Thursday morning at 11 am CT. The Kansas City Royals hold the 2nd pick of the draft, just like they will during the amateur draft next June. With that being said, we’ll be doing as much Rule 5 coverage as possible this week here at Royals Farm. For your first stop, here’s a look at a guy that I think the Royals will potentially be looking at if he’s available at #2.

Here are the potential draftees we’ve covered already:

Trevor Clifton is an interesting arm that will be available for the Royals in the Rule 5 Draft tomorrow morning. In 12 starts at AA for the Cubs in 2018, Clifton posted an ERA of 2.86 and struck out 7.15 batters per 9 IP. He was promoted to AAA to end the season, where he posted an ERA of 3.89 and struck out 7.27 batters per 9.

Clifton is a bit of a fly ball pitcher, but up until his stint in AAA he did a really good job of limiting home runs. He’s not gonna get a ton of ground balls, or strikeouts, and he walks a few too many hitters, but he’s had some decent success through his minor league career and he may profile well in a stadium as big as Kauffman Stadium. He kind of reminds me of Brad Keller statistically.

He also reminds me of Brad Keller in a sense that I don’t think he’s quite done developing yet either. The 23-year old RHP sits in the 92-95 range, but has the ability to flash in the upper-90’s, much like Brad Keller at the beginning of the 2018 season. Keller learned to attack hitters with his fastball early in the count while working out of the bullpen, and took that with him to the rotation. The Royals could have similar plans for Clifton should they take him tomorrow morning.

Clifton’s second best pitch is his curveball but he features a changeup as well. His fastball gets some decent life to it and he’s got the overall makeup to be a starter down the line.


Photo Credits: MiLB.com

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